high quality chain grate steam boiler

What precautions (1) Note that before the boiler cleaning before pickling to confirm the nature of the scale, thickness and range; (2) pickling work must be carried out under the guidance of experienced technical staff, and the pickling solution through repeated appraisals, and develop practical pickling solution. (3) Regardless of the use of corrosion inhibitors are inevitably produce some corrosion on the boiler, the pickling is not a panacea, not multiple uses. (4) pressure drum member if cracks or other leakage defects, these defects must be clear prior to pickling, or pickling descaling allowed. (5) pickling, the operator should wear protective equipment, (anti-acid gloves, plastic aprons, masks, glasses, etc.), open doors and windows to enhance ventilation to avoid bodily harm. Prohibited welding, smoking or open flames access in the workplace to prevent hydrogen explosion causing personal injury and other losses. Smooth discharge of gases produced (6) should be pickling boiler feed water pump, and a steam outlet pipe sewage reliably isolated with a blind plate, opens drain valve, pickling. (7) Pickling temperature should be controlled at 5 degrees is appropriate. (8) pickling process findings and laboratory data must be carefully recorded. No operator of pickling technical experience, we must make the necessary technical training in advance, after passing the examination, to conduct independent operations.

In the fierce competition in the market, fast boiler adhere to "not forget the early heart, sustained ingenuity" of the faith, taking the long view, establish and improve a comprehensive overall solution, leading to control market trends, improve the environmental performance of the boiler, make unremitting efforts to build China clean boiler brand.

. Heating system need real-time display of the detected data a burner open, stop and emergency stop in case of fault display; a display furnace flame form B: a small fire, fire (return water temperature is changed according to); c heat. circulatory system temperature, pressure display: the primary supply and return water system; the secondary supply and return water system; D show the boiler flue gas temperature, the high temperature auto-shutdown; E ambient temperature parameter display: three outdoor. weather monitoring points; three indoor end-user monitoring points;. f boiler system with real-time display of various types of fault current Chinese; The various monitoring points g outdoor heating pipe network system pressure, temperature real-time display;. h heating water temperature, heating return water temperature, heating water pressure, heating return water pressure, water temperature life, life return water temperature, water pressure of life, life backwater pressure, water flow, heat supply and other real-time data upload i. the individual operating equipment ( feed pumps, circulating pumps, fans, valves, etc.) in the operating state.

Former vertical high quality chain grate steam boiler overhaul what to do to prepare? Many enterprises in order to be able to produce sufficient power will choose to use vertical steam boiler, however, even if it is high quality and reliable vertical steam boiler, still produce some of the inevitable loss during use, so the need for maintenance on a regular basis, in order to be able to to discover and deal with these problems, avoid accidents. What you need to do to prepare it before performing vertical steam boiler maintenance? 1, to determine the category of boiler maintenance and repair information over the years of operation, security equipment, equipment defects, mechanical wear records based on vertical steam boiler, combined with the enterprise's production to determine the category of boiler maintenance, boiler repair plan to make arrangements. 2, in accordance with the necessary technical preparations vertical steam boiler overhaul category of standard items in the maintenance and improvement of equipment and projects, according to the quality standards of technical requirements, prepare plans and documents, the construction process of technical preparations. At the same time proposed raw materials, spare parts, tools and plans to make material preparations. 3, check to make sure a variety of repairs shutdown as planned quotas to stop boilers, vertical steam boiler for a detailed examination of the internal and external, proofreading boiler drawings for its consistent with the actual situation, evaluate the technical condition of equipment, changes and additions to the standard project content, and according to further modify and full materials, spare parts, tools. And to determine the large, labor quotas and minor repairs of equipment repair downtime quotas, make economic budget. 4, good maintenance arrangements for the security measures, the preparation schedule, designate a person responsible for the organization construction of power, with on-site technical guidance and quality inspection. In the construction process overhaul vertical steam boiler, strict quality standards to improve the quality of maintenance. These are the vertical steam boiler in the need to prepare well in advance of the preparatory work before the overhaul. For businesses, the purchase well-known vertical steam boiler is only the beginning to ensure the production of power, only if the correct operation of steam boilers, and regularly do maintenance to ensure vertical steam boiler can provide about as adequate power and heat , in order to play the power production enterprises.