horizontal water tube boiler for pharmaceutical industry

Indicators of environmental protection and energy-saving features of the basic structure of the horizontal water tube boiler for pharmaceutical industry: the combined energy saving boiler is divided into two parts: one continuous gas furnace (see its features continuous-type gas furnace Introduction); the second is the new dedicated gas boiler (old-fashioned boiler also can be modified to use). Boiler combined with environmentally friendly energy different from the conventional boiler is increased number of water wall tubes while an annular interior of the furnace core tube, so that the heated area increased by 30% compared to conventional oven, heat efficiency is improved, and having a heating speed , temperature and pressure stability, controllability and other characteristics. Environmental standards: a combined energy saving boiler, smoke, dust removal, desulfurization itself once completed, no further dust, sulfur. Environmental Monitoring Center by monitoring the indicators is as follows: 1. Average dust emission concentration 54mg / m3 meet GB13271-2001 (Ⅱ period a zone-based dust emission concentration 80mg / m3). 2. smoke Ringelman of <1 grade, non-visible combustion. 3. Average SO2 emission concentration of 665mg / m3, GB13271-2001 standard requirements (period Ⅱ SO2 emission limit concentration of 900mg / m3).

Under the guidance of our customers professional and technical personnel, the full solution of the fast square excellent products and brand strength, our company is very interested in several steam products, finalized the purchase of three 1.25MPa, respectively 2 tons of steam , 4,15 (WNS2 / 4 / 15-1.25-YQ) and two 1.6MPa, steam tons the amount of 4,10 (WNS4 / 10-1.6-YQ) integrated condensing gas horizontal water tube boiler for pharmaceutical industry steam, and hope to establish with our company long term cooperative relations.

The working principle and the internal structure of the steam horizontal water tube boiler for pharmaceutical industry: steam boiler structural characteristics: 1, the steam boiler body welding: the main welding using advanced submerged arc welding process, welding quality assurance. All welds were 100% primary radiation detection according to the "Steam Steam Boiler Safety Technology Supervision", according to the eligibility criteria Ⅱ pole. 2, a horizontal steam boiler combustion three return all wet back structure. 3, before steam boiler, after the smoke box sealed with high temperature are graphite asbestos material, a reliable seal, to ensure that the steam boiler flue gas does not leak when run under a slight positive pressure conditions. 4, pipe thread: the second backhaul convection heating surface of the steam boiler, we used a threaded pipe, enabling the efficient heat transfer. Enhanced heat transfer, thermal efficiency of the steam boiler, a threaded tubular light pipe is equal to 2.4. Fluid flow within the tube wall near the fluid flow velocity is very low, the presence of fluid at the wall boundary layer is called, when the thermal resistance in series of several heat transfer water into the flue gas in the outer tube, the boundary layer the maximum thermal resistance, but the boundary layer is thin, as long as the boundary layer of little disturbance, as in an ordinary pressure in a pipe wall to the boss, the disturbance of the boundary layer, will greatly reduce the thermal resistance, is effective threaded pipe one way. 5, to make the system more energy efficient, continuous adjustment using the water supply, to avoid frequent pump start. During the period, the three-pass water smoke tube leaving a wide space, the pot to ensure natural circulation of water flow. 6, the body safety devices: at the rear of the steering steam boiler chamber is provided built-proof door, the steam boiler ignition and running, if the furnace gas deflagration occurs: timely relief, preventing the furnace deflagration, safe and reliable; as built after take-off will not hurt.

A horizontal water tube boiler for pharmaceutical industry’s efficiency is measured by annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). This is the ratio of the boiler’s annual heat output compared to the total annual fossil fuel energy it consumes. An AFUE of 90% means that 90% of the fuel energy becomes heat for your home and the other 10% escapes either up the chimney or out through the boiler into the space where the boiler is located. The higher the rating, the greater your savings will be.