garioni naval steam boiler manual

Water tube boiler types

CBM is a boiler manufacturer with more than 70 years of manufacturing history and plays a pivotal role in the boiler industry. According to the structure, boilers can be divided into water tube boilers, fire tube boilers and water-fire tube boilers. There are many types of water tube boilers produced by CBM, which play an important role in different industries.

November 27, Cape of Good Hope Hotel in Shanghai, boiler industry event - China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Industrial Boiler Branch of a member of the Seventh Conference was held. Industrial boiler industry, announced the list of the most influential brands of Congress, fast boiler with excellent product quality and leading technology standards, the participants in the boiler of 131 companies come out on top, to receive this honor. This honor is in the field of industrial boiler industry's highest honor, the boiler is full recognition of the other fast tireless efforts of the past two decades. Meanwhile, the Group Chairman Mr. Lu Haiqing industrial boiler industry also won the "outstanding figures" the honorary title, was elected vice chairman of the General Assembly for the branch of the boiler.

Important applications installed hot water boiler hot water boiler of attention is very broad, widely used in schools, hospitals, textile, hotel, restaurant, bath, etc., mainly in densely populated areas, so be sure to follow the installation procedures to avoid risks exist, resulting in accidents. First, the site of hot water boilers: Boilers must be placed in an appropriate location and may not be installed in the air is not smooth basement, boiler certain flat to avoid vibration during operation, causing damage to the equipment. Second, professional installers: To ensure safety, the installation of the boiler must be installed by a professional installer, they have professional knowledge and installation experience. This is the first condition to ensure the safety of the boiler. Third, check for leaks: When the gas boiler installed in the vicinity to ensure that no sources of ignition, the gas valve is opened, to see whether the leak, the leak if not installed, if there is leakage, the investigation should be promptly resolved problem. Fourth, the installation of the smoke tube: smoke tube hot water boiler for an exhaust system of exhaust gas discharged from the surrounding environment would cause pollution, the flue must be mounted projecting outside, and a certain downward slope, to prevent condensate back, causing corrosion of the furnace. Also hot water boiler experts have warned that smoke around the tube can not put combustible material, to prevent unnecessary safety problems.

Gas heating boiler with a garioni naval steam boiler manual can do? In general, the process gas during the heating boiler selected as hotels, residential, schools, heating heating hot water boilers mostly to prevail, however, for reasons of economy, there are also some companies will choose to steam boilers, for example, like industrial areas. For large industrial enterprises, the basic heating heating dual-purpose, for this situation, a steam boiler will be greater than the advantage of some of the hot water boiler.