harga boiler takuma capacity 30 ton

State whether the device can achieve energy saving and environmental protection very seriously, and have issued a series of policies and requirements, so many companies are in transition to environmentally friendly direction, harga boiler takuma capacity 30 tons companies as well. Now on the boiler market, major businesses have launched the "environmentally friendly" boiler equipment, whether these boilers can truly energy saving it? In terms of security and what protection?

Although the harga boiler takuma capacity 30 ton body does not bear the pressure imposed by the ring pump, the boiler always bears the hot water static pressure provided by the high water storage tank. The higher the floor, the higher the hot water static pressure. The diameter of exhaust tube installed on the body of atmospheric hot water boiler is too small, and some of the exhaust pipe diameter is only 20 mm, so the steam produced in the boiler can not be discharged quickly, which makes the boiler body bear a certain pressure and there is a certain danger. It is found that when the rated power of an atmospheric hot water boiler is 300000 kcal and the exhaust pipe on the body is 20mm, the boiler will be produced due to the lack of discharge capacity. The steam pressure of 0.15 MPA. The greater the rated thermal power of the boiler, the greater the steam pressure in the furnace and the greater the danger. The atmospheric hot water boiler is changed into a steam boiler, that is, the exhaust pipe connected with the atmosphere on the boiler body is installed directly on the steam device, and the control valve is installed on the exhaust pipe. Others install control valves on the exhaust tube, directly from the boiler to take boiling water or hot water bath, this is extremely unsafe. If the boiler turns off the control valve in operation, under the condition of increasing pressure, the normal pressure hot water boiler is very vulnerable to explosion, and the consequences are unthinkable. Turn the pot The exhaust pipe connected with the atmosphere on the furnace body is used as a return pipe, so that the boiler body is always in the state of full water pressure. This closed loop has two hazards: the first is that when the temperature of the furnace water is too high, the steam produced cannot be discharged, so the pressure will continue to rise, and the explosion and leakage accidents may occur at any time. The second is that even if the boiler water temperature is not high, it will not produce a large amount of steam, but because of the role of circulating pump, the boiler body bears high hot water circulation pressure.

3, used as backup.

Therefore, many boilers are many large projects using heating configuration, whenever, can guarantee the normal heating.

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