hoow to build a proposal for boiler company

1, hoow to build a proposal for boiler company flue gas condensate two main reasons

(1) to condense water vapor in flue gas at a temperature below the dew point;

The depth of integration with the Internet industry, the party has been fast out of traditional industries inherent in the old ideology, gradually moving towards intelligent high-tech enterprise development. Chinese Good Technology, a leading research. With the continuous improvement of the Group's own pursuit of quick side with Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Zhengzhou University entered into a collaboration, research cooperation agreement signed, and the establishment of upgrade Engineering Research Center - Laboratory cleaning hoow to build a proposal for boiler companys, combustion field exploration and try. This year, the group also reached with Hefei General Machinery Research Institute Xuedong academician cooperation, the establishment of "academician workstation", as the industry's cutting-edge technology research and innovation base. Confirmed eyes, fast boiler is rare good business.

Why, sure to be hot water hoow to build a proposal for boiler company water treatment? For hot water boilers, water treatment program is a must do, agree metal corrosion engineering equipment industry were as important. Hot water boiler proper treatment, not only can it improve the thermal efficiency of 20% -40%; also enhance the life of equipment 1-2 times, to obtain a more powerful boiler efficiency.

(1) hoow to build a proposal for boiler company at the factory, should be accompanied by quality certification, safety instructions and other supporting information.