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And at least two kinds of investment very effective in reducing steam china industrial lng boilers feedwater alkalinity and salt content of the sewage furnace purpose is to rid the excess amount of base in the water, salinity, and soft dirt and other impurities, the boiler water in the range of acceptable control indicators Inside. The implementation of a planned, scientific sewage, water holding furnace qualified, may slow or prevent the junction raw scale, priming, to ensure the quality of steam boilers and prevent metal corrosion, to ensure safe and economic operation of the boiler. How can both ensure the safe operation of boilers, and do not have a scale priming, while minimizing the amount of sewage it? This article describes two less investment and alkalinity and salinity of the water supply method is very effective in reducing. First, increasing the recovery rate of the boiler condensate return provided a single recovery tank underground, where the use of equipment to meet the hydrophobic port altitude level is below the requirements of the bins, so that all the condensate return gravity to the recovery tank, the recovery put a submersible pump in the tank, the recovered condensate pumped to the softening of the ground tank, the recovered condensate pumped to the softening of the ground tank. Strengthen the use of equipment and routine visits to check and manage the return line to reduce the steam condensate return water contamination problems. While strengthening the monitoring of the quality of the recovery tank, once found water hardness and pH change in the collecting tank, the tank should immediately stop, all the water will be pumped to the tank trench memory, a close look along the return line, the walls of corrosion replacement pipe restoration. Second, for those additional lime pretreatment apparatus boiler steam condensation can not be recycled backwater, lime pretreatment means can be added before sodium ion exchange, this is a boiler water alkalinity and salt content is reduced, thereby reducing boiler an effective method of emissions. Compared with sodium hydrogen ions water treatment methods in parallel, the process is simple, small-scale transformation equipment investment, low operating cost, it is suitable for small and medium sized boiler room used. Lime pretreatment principle lime water was added calcium hydroxide (milk of lime), and after calcium bicarbonate, magnesium, and the role of free carbon dioxide in water, to form a precipitate of insoluble materials, the softening, and the base portion down object desalination .

18000kg/h CFB china industrial lng boilers manufactured by ZBG using Circulating Fluidized Bed combustion technology is increasingly becoming the market-leading technology used in the large-scale utility power sector firing a broad range of solid biomass fuels in Bolivia, due to its well-known benefits such as fuel flexibility, high efficiency, availability, and reliability.

Henan Power condensing gas china industrial lng boilers shutdown Notes Henan condensing gas boiler and safety accessories should be inspected, and in the period. Henan before condensing gas boiler conditions and should have check: natural gas supply valve is opened, gas pressure check is normal, the normal vent gas filter. Check whether the normal pump, and open the water supply system of each part of the valve, damper, when in manual position should flue open position should the pump selection switch for selecting the cabinet in place; Annex should check the safety in the normal position , water gauge, pressure gauge should be in open position; each operation site should have good lighting; deaerator normal operation; softening equipment can operate normally, and demineralized water should meet the standard, the soft water tank GB1576 the water level is normal, trouble-free operation of the pump. 1. Turn on power switch is turned on matters of cabinet, check all parts are normal, whether there is a fault signal, if no signal measures should be taken to repair or inspection, troubleshooting; automatic cleaning enters the burner, ignition, partial load, full load operation state when up to a certain pressure, should be regularly sewage once. 2. Matters normal shutdown shutdown: Close Henan condensing gas boiler operation switch; natural gas valve closed; reduced pressure within the drum; the drum water level at high water; discharge check valve is closed tight; pump valves closed boiler; Close main power switch. Accident shutdown: When they find Henan condensing gas boiler body produces abnormal phenomenon, the safety control device failure should move the emergency disconnect button, stop running; boiler feed pump damage, mediation device failure, emergency disconnect button should move to stop the boiler operation ; when there is a problem of power fuels should be taken off pressing the emergency button; when there is the phenomenon of harm Henan condensing gas boiler or personal safety should take emergency shutdown. A temporary power outage Note: rapid closure of the main steam valve, to prevent dehydration drum; off power switch and gas valve; closed boiler blowdown valve to prevent surface condensation gas boiler Henan other fault occurs; Close supply valve deaerator; normal stop furnace order, check boiler fuel, gas, water shutdown valve meets the requirements.

Jinzhou construction and installation company needs an electric heating hot water china industrial lng boilers house construction, after screening and comparison of various brand boiler industry, our excellent results in the cleaning of the boiler industry has been attracted to each other, in mid-2016, the Jinzhou construction and installation the company I signed with an electric heating pressure hot water boiler.