steam boiler for hospital cleaning

Water tube boiler design

Water-tube boiler design

Circulating fluidized bed boiler combustion technology is rapidly improving recent years and the CFB boiler combusion technology is very advanced in the world.This technology have been used in China widely.

Our hotel attaches great importance to environmental protection philosophy, always bear in mind the protection of environmental quality in Xiamen. Therefore, we chose to stay ahead of the fast boiler industry cooperation in clean and green boiler, electric steam boiler for hospital cleanings party fast to ensure that we provide the normal work requirements at the same time, has a very clear environmental performance. --customer feedback

Petocoke circulating fluidised bed boiler technology

Unlike anywhere else in the world, the Middle East depends strongly on oil to produce electricity. About 30 percent of the electricity generated in the region comes from oil fuels, predominantly diesel, crude oil and heavy fuel oil (HFO). In the rest of the world the fraction is only 8 per cent. This is a direct consequence of decades of generous government subsidies for oil and power. Electricity rates are typically regulated so that consumers pay little for it, and to ensure that power producers stay in business, the value of oil fuel is set so that these companies earn a profit. This subsidised in-country oil fuel value can be ten to 20 times less than the global market value.The intention behind most government subsidies in the region is to grow and diversify the economy and create employment for a rising population by expanding or developing industries such as refining, petrochemicals, manufacturing, steel, aluminum, computing and data storage.