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Biomass boilers are efficient because they do not waste fuel and heat, ash can be disposed of easily and the CO2 that is created through the combustion process is equal to that consumed by the tree / plant matter or that would be released by the rotting matter after its natural expiration.

Extreme low water level shut off the gas: The top WNSCQ boiler equipped with a gas cutoff limit water level, the use of different conductivity of principle, the water level was lowered to the limit, and when the device failed to pump up water, will immediately stop working burner, gas supply cut off, while the alarm.

Gas boiler price, which is an important aspect of boiler, especially in the purchase of boiler products, is a specific aspect that must be taken into account. So, since this is an important aspect of the boiler, and it is mentioned at the beginning of the article, then let's take a good look at it, so that we can also learn about this website product from different aspects, and at the same time, Also can broaden their knowledge, add some professional knowledge.

01. What is the price of a domestic coal-fired boiler? Domestic coal-fired boiler, its boiler price, mainly depends on heating area, because, is determined by it. If the heating area is 200 square meters, then the boiler price is several thousand yuan. Moreover, the boiler is automatic temperature control, the thermal efficiency can reach 91%.

02. 15 tons of steam boilers, what does the boiler price relate to? 15 ton steam boiler, its boiler price related factors, such as fuel type, steam pressure, boiler structure and accessories and so on. Therefore, these must be considered comprehensively, so that we can make accurate judgments and get the correct results, and then choose our own products to avoid mistakes.

03. Is the price of gas-fired boiler related to natural gas? In addition, different boiler manufacturers, why is the price of products different?

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