boiler and cooling towers in karnataka

According to the manufacturer's technical strength. To distinguish the quality of gas-fired condensing boiler and cooling towers in karnatakas, we should also properly distinguish the technical mastery ability of the corresponding manufacturers, and the manufacturers have established a long-term capital chain firmly and reliably, and have a set of complete technical unique and mature condensing boiler production processes, And has the gas condensing boiler function to carry on the improvement and the development, so has the strength manufacturer to produce the processing gas condensing boiler equipment natural performance is worthy to believe. According to the long-term cooperation customer's intuitive evaluation of the equipment. Identifying the quality of gas-fired condensing boilers can be confirmed by the evaluation of successful cases served by the company and the hot-selling gas. Condensing boilers must supply a large number of factories and customers of gas-fired condensing boiler equipment, and in many users have the highest evaluation of after-sale, quality, service attitude and so on. Gas-fired condensing boiler with high reputation also shows that it is recognized by the market.

Fast boiler and cooling towers in karnataka particularly strong technical team, they listened carefully to our needs and give us tailored technology solutions, from boiler production, transport to the site installation and commissioning took only 35 days time, all aspects of the deal in place, the boiler quickly it is put into use. --customer feedback

Why have fuel boiler and cooling towers in karnataka pump room daily oil tank and oil-fired boiler regulator judgment, which is one of the boiler type, and all of us concerned, and must be familiar with and understand the specific types of boilers, not only because it has more applications , but also the product website. So, the next, through a number of specific issues, and to expand this work so that we also get some from the expertise on oil-fired boilers. 1. Fuel pump room boilers, why have daily oil tank? This problem, in oil-fired boiler boiler manufacturer box appears, there are mainly the following reasons are as follows: there are impurities in oil and water, you can play through daily precipitation filtration tank; pump size will not be great, so, not far from where the oil is sucked up. In addition, also for security reasons and fire safety, therefore, we will use the daily oil tank. 2.10 tons of fuel steam boilers, fuel consumption has unified its value it? 10 tons of fuel steam boiler, which can be thought of as a boiler fuel, which is on the fuel consumption, there is no uniform value, because in different situations and parameters, there are different fuel consumption. If the evaporation boiler is 10t / h, the pressure is 1.25-1.6MPa, and is designed for the boiler thermal efficiency of 88.1%, then, diesel fuel consumption of 634 kg / hr, to be more heavy oil consumption, 674 kg / hour.

There are reasons for which reason the boiler and cooling towers in karnataka fouling boiler fouling, first calcium and magnesium contained in the water hardness or to the iron, the silicon content is too high;? The same time, since the high temperature high pressure boiler special conditions. The main scale formation process is: 1 pyrolyzed at high temperature and pressure, some of the original water-soluble calcium, magnesium salts (e.g., bicarbonate) thermal decomposition, a precipitate became soluble substance. 2. The solubility decreases at high temperature and pressure, some salts (such as calcium sulfate, silicate, etc.) the solubility of the substance is greatly reduced with increasing temperature, up to a certain extent, will a precipitate. 3. pot of water evaporation, is concentrated under heat and pressure, the concentration of the salt in water with the substance and concentrated by evaporation pot and increasing, when reached saturation, precipitate separates out heating surface. 4. Conversion to react with each other and the original larger solubility in water, salts and other salts react with each other in operation, the generated precipitate insoluble material. If the reaction occurs at the heated surface, is formed directly on the scale; if the reaction occurs in water to the pot, slag is formed. Some of the water is a viscous residue, and when the sewage is not timely removed, will be converted into scales. Additionally, some corrosion products adhered to the heating surface, are often easily transformed into a metal oxide scale. These substances precipitate bond boiler heating surface to form a scale, the higher temperature portion, the more easy to form a hard scale.