boiler by charcoal machine

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Causes and treatment of fires electric boiler by charcoal machine 1, the boiler is electrically powered on flammable or near inflammables, fire baking at a high temperature for a long time. 2, electric boiler is not installed plug directly into the socket end of the wire, thereby easily cause a short circuit and fire. 3, the user does not unplug the plug of the electrical boiler when leaving, too long, resulting in electric boiler superheater, the adjacent fuel ignited and cause a fire. Fourth, after repeated repair continue resistance wire, may cause overloading fire line. Precautionary approach to solve the electric boiler fire: 1, plug wires must be installed, the thread can not be directly inserted into the socket; electric boilers should be replaced old and damaged wires, electric boiler circuit is not installed fuse may not be used; 2, when the electric boiler must be used left unattended, should be left unplugged, during use, the case of power failure, it should promptly pull the plug, do not forget. For the repair of multiple resistance wire, preferably no longer in use, should be replaced with a new resistance wire. Electric boiler must be placed on the thermally non-conductive non-combustible material of the base; 3, the cross-sectional flow boiler safe electrical wires must meet the capacity requirements of electric boilers, industrial boilers separate electric circuits in any case be means.

SZL coal fired boiler by charcoal machine manufacturer:

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Safety valve manual valve oil-fired boiler by charcoal machine emission test is necessary to prevent security annex oil-fired boiler overpressure operation when the boiler pressure reaches the pressure relief valve jump start, jump start automatically relieve pressure. If the safety valve does not operate long-term, there is likely to stick to rust inside the valve structure, the valve can not be under pressure to adjust the automatic jump start, will cause the boiler overpressure operation, or even an explosion hazard boiler. In order to prevent the relief valve and valve seat stick, according to "Boiler Code" provides manual drain valve should be periodically tested. Oil-fired boiler Procedure: (1) in the boiler operation, when the state of the pressure pot 75% or more boilers operating pressure is reached, check valve use, to confirm the absence of abnormality, emissions test done manually; (2) valve lifting handle or the weight slowly, this time should jump start exhaust valve; (3) after 3-5 seconds, the weight or the handle down, the safety valve should be closed; (4) If the valve is not closed Yan, should be repeated by lifting the handle hammer until closed. If the valve is still closed tightly, the need for shutdown valve repair or replacement: stop the pump, the pump to stop, stop the fan off the main power, boiler exhaust valve opening, closing sub-cylinder inlet valves, valve disassembly, after repair or replacement, installation of safety valve, and then open the safety valve check if no abnormal, turn off the safety valve; (5) if jump start, a safety valve spool may be stuck foreign matter or embroidered dead, need for safety shutdown a valve for repair or replacement. Safety valve should be manually emission test points to note: (1) the pressure pot manual drain should be at least 75% of the state working pressure, prevent manual drain valve does not jump start at low pressure. (2) If there are two or more boiler safety valve, the discharge should be done in the first row of the high value of the low back valve. (3) for lifting and a manual valve handle should Qingtai light or weight, can not be used for lifting and Meng Jin. These are the emission test and safety valve manually precautions oil-fired boiler, we want to help.