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Shandong Mining Group in the six months after the buy water tube boiler flue regulations use, users submit a report to our company, our company started in 2017 using WDR0.5-0.8-Ⅱ electric fast Boiler Co., Ltd. of heating steam boiler. Large output, stable and reliable, high degree of automation, simple operation, do especially in terms of security is in place. After-sales service is very timely response to our technical consulting reply quickly and accurately. Whether it is party party products or fast fast service. My company is very satisfied. --customer feedback

The high temperature and sub- high pressure circulating fluidized bed buy water tube boiler flue regulations based on the biomass fuel mixture, developed by ZG Boiler. CFB boiler has been employed by many users.

Emergency treatment and disposal options accident reporting matters oil-fired buy water tube boiler flue regulations in the previous article we talked about the oil-fired boiler in order to prevent sudden power outage or abnormal in operation (such as voltage exceeds the rated voltage of the device is not working, etc.), without water , external piping rupture emergencies rapid response and processing capabilities, to better protect our interests, to develop emergency disposal plan, in this article we introduce details of its emergency treatment and disposal options accident reporting matters. Fuel boiler accident report and we are working with items that is divided into two parts: the inner tube boiler, pressure hot water boiler occurrence of sudden power, water supply, pipeline rupture accident, each boiler room operators will promptly report the main event of a failure and according to the processing and report the development of a timing failure, emergency personnel and rescue organization. Ask what time the accident occurred, location, site location, the extent of losses, the extent of the disaster and the measures taken. Upload issued, to ensure smooth flow of information. These are the oil-fired boiler emergency disposal plan in the first incident reporting and handling matters hope for your help.

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