manufacture conductor for boiler motor from China

Korea Southern Power (KOSPO) is in the process of building a thermal power plant that is designed with carbon emissions reduction in mind.The Green Power Project will employ low grade coal fuel and super critical CFB (circulating fluidised bed) manufacture conductor for boiler motor from chinas.ZG boiler has won a contract to design,supply and build a 35 MWe coal fired circulating fluidised-bed (CFB) power plant boiler island that will be part fuelled by demolition waste.

Boiler + Things, security, intelligence is our reputation. Based on advanced networking technology, remote monitoring group launched the operating system of the manufacture conductor for boiler motor from china, which in the domestic boiler industry are unprecedented breakthrough, the country has more than 4,600 boilers supporting the remote monitoring system, safe and stable running.

Such as hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, schools and other places, why I like to use a condensing manufacture conductor for boiler motor from china it? By adopting international condensing boiler technology advanced, so that the boiler is obtained using a higher value, the boiler is called generation. According to user needs, can output high-quality steam or hot water, is widely used in heating and hot places. Under normal operating environment of the boiler, can reach more than 108% thermal efficiency, the use of heat to the extreme. Why, then, such as hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, schools and other places like using a condensing boiler it?

Hot water manufacture conductor for boiler motor from china soda treatment guidelines have soda water boiler surface is more annoying things to look at how to deal with today. First, the boiler evaporation surface (surface) rises soda together, shake up and down the occurrence of a lot of foam and roll scene, called priming. When priming occurs, the water table is also frothed, sharp shaken water, soft drinks is difficult to distinguish the boundaries; sharp decline in temperature superheated steam; when severe, water hammer occurs in the steam pipe. Priming of the full consequences of the same water, with water vapor will decrease the quality of steam, superheater fouling and formation of water hammer oscillation, damage or affect the safe operation of the superheater steam equipment. Second, the soft drinks were vacated, have composed the following two factors: 1) poor quality water pot. Due to poor quality of feed water, sewage and other factors wrong, formed pan suspended in water or salt content is too high, the base is too high. Due to the higher-containing soft drinks near the parting, boiler water concentration of the surface layer, a large pot of water viscosity, bubbles rise to the resistance increases. When the load is added, increased vaporization, many adherend bubble barrier layer in the vicinity of the water surface too late pot leave out a lot of foam constituting the water surface of the pot roll up and down. 2) adding a load and rapid pressure drop. When the water level is too high, excessive load is added, the pressure drops too fast, the evaporation surface will increase, the water formed and shaken with water vapor. 3) Adoption of the approach found Priming: at the moment of combustion should be weakened, drop load, small off main steam valve; hydrophobic reinforcing superheater and steam pipes; fully open the drain valve after another, and turn on the water drain valve open as expected, Sheung together, to improve the water quality of the pot until the water quality improvement, water level clearly can gradually recover normal operation. Third, to prevent the priming approaches: 1) strengthening the management of water quality, strict control of boiler water salinity and grease, suspended solids; 2) according to boiler water analysis, successive emission control; 3) open to the main steam supply should be slow steam valve; 4) and the boiler steam pressure should be lower than the base pipe pressure 0.05Mh; 5) put into operation before the new boiler must cook oven. There is the above method of treating the surface of hot water in the soda boiler.