besa temperatur supreheated dg temperatur output steam boiler

Besides,Industry also has oil refining, petrochemical, steel, textiles, cement and other industry departments in Saudi Arabia.This industry mostly need the steam or hot water produced by industrial boiler.Oil fired boiler for heating supplied by ZG include diesel oil besa temperatur supreheated dg temperatur output steam boiler and diesel oil hot water boiler,diesel oil steam boiler is more popular in Saudi Arabia industry.The capacity can be designed 2ton-35ton according client’s requirement.But 6ton,8ton,10ton,15ton,20ton,35ton used most in Saudi Arabia industry.

Boiler economizer tube is damaged how to do? Damage is divided into: (1) decreased water level, water flow is abnormally greater than the steam flow. There are different sound nearby (2) boiler economizer. (3) Leakage of the lower portion of the furnace wall and economizer preheater transitions have steaming, wet ash hopper phenomenon. (4) both economizer flue gas temperature difference is increased, a low flue gas temperature of side leakage. (5) economizer import and export pressure drop. Processing method: if the damage is not serious, should return monitor, value of the long, reducing the furnace load, the feedwater automatic to manual, and notifies the turbine by opening feed pump reinforcing feedwater, stable combustion, to strengthen the inspection and monitoring of the fault point, do good physical security measures to prevent, maintain a short run, reporting chief engineer, asked the shutdown. When approaching if endanger or affect the operation of the furnace inlet pipe, or despite increased water, or drum level decreases rapidly, should an emergency shutdown, the shutdown prohibition of open recirculation door.

The only example of an ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions through boilers Enterprise Test - fast boiler, the production of gas hot water boiler, gas besa temperatur supreheated dg temperatur output steam boiler, condensing boiler integrated, NOx emissions is far below the required standards, environmental protection departments successfully passed the test and get the user's praise.

Fang fast production of gas hot water boiler, in order to highlight the efficient, durable, safe and reliable, simple operation and other advantages, achieved excellent results in the field cleaning boilers, harvest a large number of customers and recognition.