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Boiler + Things, security, intelligence is our reputation. Based on advanced networking technology, remote monitoring group launched the operating system of the boiler company project title, which in the domestic boiler industry are unprecedented breakthrough, the country has more than 4,600 boilers supporting the remote monitoring system, safe and stable running.

Henan a gas boiler company project title operating instructions. Henan open gas-fired boiler furnace 1. Check Check Henan gas steam boiler cylinders the steam valve (production, bathroom hot water tank), should be in the closed state 2. Check Henan gas boiler water level gauge, It should be in the L level to H scale range. Water level gauge valve should be in an open position. When dry, replenishment should manually into the L and H-scale range soft water tank 3. Check level Henan gas boiler, the water level should be in the high pressure gas 4. Check the status Henan gas boiler, 4-5Kp should be within the range, and the gas boiler Henan 5. check room Henan no gas odor gas boiler water softening equipment, should be at the "water production" state, water tanks and water production testing should be blue. 6. Check Henan gas boiler inlet valve 7 is open should check Henan gas boiler dosing bucket level, should be above the minimum dosing graduations. 8. Check Henan gas boiler control each switch box, is in the standby state two. Henan gas boiler 1. Open the power turned on, until the end of the voice prompt, the panel press "RUN" operation. 2. Check Henan gas boiler flanges and valves, no gas leak. Note 3. Henan gas boiler runtime matters: A, Henan check within the gas boiler furnace should be no abnormal sound. The flame is blue. B, when viewed Henan gas boiler feed water, the pump should be in working order. Pressure (0.2 to 0.4). C, Henan observed tonic gas boiler, a state should be in automatic infusion. D, examination Henan Burner gas, when the air pressure was raised to 0.8MP, should be in the stopped state. 4. aspirated, slowly open the main steam valve, to avoid water hammer; steam trap is to be a main valve fully open slowly. 5. When the pressure was raised to 0.4 ~ 0.8MP operating pressure, manual drain valve to open sub-cylinder, 20 seconds off. Power operation, should pay attention to the boiler operating conditions, not to leave. When the shutdown check exceeds the specified value. III. Henan normal gas boiler shutdown 1. Click on the control panel the red "STOP" button to confirm the burner stops running, personnel before leaving. 2. burner to be completely stopped, wait 30 minutes after closing the steam valve cylinder points. IV. Henan gas boiler blowdown method of operation when the water level is in the M or H level, the control panel of the pump control button to manually hit. (Note: When the water level is L, a direct discharge valve is opened).

SZS series low NOx gas-fired saturated steam boiler company project title for fruit juice industry

Fruit and vegetable juice processing production lines and fruit and vegetable drying production lines are inseparable from the support of sufficient steam heat sources provided by industrial boilers. Yitong Fruit and Vegetable Juice Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, in Xianyang, Shaanxi Province. It is a branch established by Yantai North Andre Juice Co., Ltd. The company can produce 25,000 tons of concentrated juice per year. The products are exported to the United States, Europe and other parts of the world.

Approach gas steam boiler company project title leaked gas now that everyone pay attention to environmental protection, gas steam boiler in the progressive development of a natural gas leak gas boiler if used improperly encountered open flame, static electricity, lightning or operation will explode, to production safety and the lives and property immeasurable loss. Different locations of gas leakage of the gas boiler, the solution are not the same: a gas boiler leak the body solutions: emergency stop (emergency stop button press, close the main valve of the gas station gas boiler, cut off the gas source, according to gas leakage emergency plan for processing II indoor gas pipeline leak solutions: immediate emergency shutdown, cut off the boiler room of the total valve, notify the gas company to company safety and production department report, leaks of natural gas is processed in accordance with the emergency plan three , solutions burner leaks: immediately emergency shutdown, cut off the main valve of the boiler and to report on corporate security department and production, natural gas leak processed according to the emergency plan, organize technical maintenance personnel IV regulation. , spare parts and measurement solutions joints leak: immediate emergency shutdown, cut off the main valve of the gas boiler station and report back to corporate security department and production, natural gas leak processed according to the emergency plan, organize technical staff replace the control, regulation, measurement and other components, its leakage position Resealing the joints.