ca anti corrosion for boilers

Gas ca anti corrosion for boilers room building requirements

Boiler room building as an important bearing boiler operation, in the construction process to follow certain design specifications. Most of the "boiler room design specifications" GB50041-2008 in gas boiler room for the build to make a specific request.

Water pressure test must be carried out before operation of oil-gas ca anti corrosion for boilers

Whether it is a steam boiler or a hot water boiler, after the boiler is installed, a hydrostatic test (ie, water pressure) must be performed. Because of long-distance handling, loading and unloading, installation, it is inevitable that collision and damage, through the water pressure test can find the boiler defects and take appropriate measures in time to ensure the boiler operation safety. The following is an example of a fuel gas boiler water pressure test:

Periodic operation of ca anti corrosion for boilers blowdown requirements a) to be performed when the boiler discharge pressure or low fire load, and should be stopped short; b) To the sewage before the boiler water level is raised to close the upper limit of normal level, the sewage water level to closely monitor, prevent boiler water; c) operates the drain valve, and if it can not be directly observed when the water level of the water level gauge. Water level monitoring personnel should contact the joint sewage; d) must discharge once every eight hours. If a common multiple boiler blowdown manifold, each boiler and the check valve when the outfall nor prohibited while sewage; E) for other operations not sewage, if necessary to perform other operations, stop sewage; f) when the sewage, first slowly open the valve opening closer to the boiler, and then intermittently opening and closing the valve opening away from the boiler quick, rapid discharge. After discharge, quick opening valve is closed first, and then slowly open valve closed, and then open the valve slightly open fast, close the water discharge after exhausted; End g) discharge operation, the discharge valve is closed, should be checked to confirm no sewage pipe outlet leakage.

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