furnish and deliver boiler equipment at various locations

Boiler equipment belongs to special, complicated structure design, operating environment is more severe, during use, is often influenced by temperature and pressure stresses and alternating. If long-term use down, inspection and maintenance neglect furnish and deliver boiler equipment at various locationss, boiler operation will likely cause reduced efficiency and security risks. Once accidents, often fatal. But many companies and personal security awareness is not strong, it is still a long time to run the boiler inspection, inability to control the operation of the law of the boiler, there is a big security risk.

Recently, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province for coal-fired boilers Market Authority has embarked on a comprehensive inspection operations, according to "comprehensive coverage, thorough investigation, replicability, results-oriented" principle, the use of coal-fired boiler business diagnostic investigation, and effectively eliminate security risks.

City Supervisor Bureau focus on verification of the actual use of coal-fired boiler units, using the address, use, heating, technical parameters, test status, filing one by one, do on-site inspection records strict accordance with relevant provisions, retained image data. To phase out coal-fired boilers to be found in the inspection, and urge the relevant units to implement the safety responsibility, and return in time for retirement procedures using the registration certificate. So far, the council has issued eight safety supervision instructions to complete the verification of the use of 14 units of 45 coal-fired boilers and filing, of which three units have been deregistered 15 piece of equipment.

Factors regarding thermal efficiency, you can see another article of small series (method of improving the thermal efficiency of the furnish and deliver boiler equipment at various locations), a detailed explanation of the reasons for you to influence the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

Feed Water & Steam Circuit – this section deals with supplying of steam generated from the furnish and deliver boiler equipment at various locations to the turbines and to handle the outgoing steam from the turbine by cooling it to form water in the condenser so that it can be reused in the boiler plus making good any losses due to evaporation etc.

Third, security and stability

Pressure hot water boiler in the factory, most of them are equipped with high-temperature alarm system, security alarm system accessory overpressure, water shortage and water leakage alarm systems and flameout protection system, comprehensive real-time monitoring of boiler operation status of these safety attachments, once identify problems, start immediately warning devices, which are making pressure hot water boiler when a more secure, more stable.