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Low nitrogen industrial boiler company vapi by which important parts of low nitrogen boiler using a variety of advanced technology in manufacturing, more sophisticated and ingenious structure, not only to save fuel and energy, high environmental performance, but also save space in large part, to get more to more people's favorite. To buy into good quality, good quality low nitrogen boiler, we should have sufficient knowledge of the low nitrogen boiler, to know ourselves and to know yourself. What are so low nitrogen boiler components it? Fast boiler party, to explain to you briefly - by the supply of highly efficient and reliable professional brand boiler low nitrogen. 1, corrugated furnace furnace boiler is an important component of low-nitrogen, such corrugated furnace, radiative heat transfer area can be effectively increased, not only to ensure more complete combustion of the fuel, but also improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler low nitrogen. In addition, quasi-rigid corrugated furnace structural variants can prevail resilient structure, thereby effectively eliminate stress. 2, threaded pipe threaded pipe can optimize the convective heat transfer, increasing gas velocity. With this amount of smoke tube heat transfer rate lower than the average nitrogen smoke tube boiler much higher, and subjected to high flue gas threaded pipe after flushing difficult ashed, it can play a role in self-cleaning, and can optimize the structure, reduce thermal stress. 3, flat head tube plate low nitrogen boiler tube plate with flat head, reduce stress but also solve the problem of the tube plate crack, completely changed the tube plate fillet welding manner, before and after the smoke box and the tube plate with anti-high temperature, strong anti-corrosion coating treatment technology, it is possible to ensure the long life of the boiler low nitrogen. 4, the controller touch screen controller low nitrogen boiler of large-screen color touch screen display, full-function, easy operation, advanced control mode to ensure the safe operation of the controller, and timely monitoring of the health of each test point the boiler, the boiler operation operating efficiency, and also having a fault recording function recording operating conditions, easy to analyze, control operation rules. These are important components of the low boiler nitrogen, through these components can improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler a low nitrogen, reducing heat loss. However, in order to buy high-quality, durable boiler equipment, companies need to understand what a good brand of low nitrogen boiler, after all, buy high-quality brand of the boiler will get better quality assurance.

Since last year, the city of Yinchuan in Ningxia to develop clean energy alternative to coal heating work carried out, in order to adhere to the use of waste heat energy-based heating system, two years, a total removal of 212 coal-fired industrial boiler company vapi units, designed over 20 million square heating area Meter. At present, Yinchuan City, the formation of a waste heat recovery and cogeneration-based, clean energy co-existence of a new pattern of heating, coal heating gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

According to Yinchuan City Housing Construction Bureau feedback, early last year, Yinchuan City, began to promote the implementation of "East of the West to give a" heat of long-distance heating projects, the long-distance transmission projects across the Yellow River, the basic realization of restructuring heat source, heat source interconnection point to ensure the city heating security and stability, environmental protection is of great significance.

At present, "East of the West to give a" central heating heating net charge of the project, the city branch, etc. have been completed, the east, the city water pipe network has been completed and started flushing cycle, is west of the water, water totaled 145,000 cubic meters.

At the same time, Yinchuan City, also build a heat source, thermoelectric Xixia complete the second phase of construction, the new 2 sets of 350,000 kilowatts supercritical coal-fired air-cooled heat generators, which can effectively replace Yinchuan City, 154 small coal-fired boilers, the annual generating capacity 3.85 billion kwh, heating capacity of 16.42 million square meters.

This year Yinchuan new cogeneration district heating area of ​​41 million square meters, the new heating pipe network 86 kilometers, is the largest investment project ever central heating, with the largest of the year.

Steam industrial boiler company vapi furnace plus no water how to do? Recently, a customer called and said washing plant buy steam boiler to add no water in the boiler, ask how to solve. Faced with this situation first of all to understand the local water hardness is not too high, there are a lot of local water hardness is too large volume guitar scale, resulting in a steam boiler pipes get clogged, serious pipe may burst, if steam boiler because the scale is too soon multi-generated scale will affect the boiler heating surface, steam will be sandwiched plenty of water. Supporting user said he had softened water equipment, steam boilers and no scale. The check valve should be out of the question, then opened it is true that things are stuck check valve, after removing the drenching with water after the addition of water can be normal. After a friend In such case, the election is not to see too much because of the scale of the pipeline Duzhe perspectives, but also look at the card check is not something to be with, and I hope this can help to experience this content-related friend issues. Do not understand what information or to purchase steam boiler please contact us

Third, control the pressure inside the industrial boiler company vapi

If it is found inside the boiler pressure suddenly rise high in the premix condensing boiler process, it is necessary to pay attention to, and immediately investigate the cause. Normally this is because the water temperature is too high to cause vaporization occurs, it should be appropriate to reduce the water temperature. There is probably because there is no deal with clean dirt caused by clogging occurs, and therefore should be timely to do cleanup work.