natural gas water boiler with hot water output

Biomass hot water boiler with hot water output for heating company fueled with the biomass grain fuel,which is abandoned as agricultural straw waste instead of the fossil fuel.this fuel is easy to get and extensive sources, the fuel costs are lower than the original coal, oil and gas, which is a great way to reduce investment cost for biomass boiler used enterprises.

Select the fuel gas-fired boiler when what issues should pay attention to it? With the National Energy Bureau of Statistics figures out show that China's coal reserves are decreasing year by year, has been unable to meet our daily consumption, then the traditional coal-fired boilers will be gradually out of the market, a new type of fuel gas-fired boiler will become the new main force, then we choose the fuel gas-fired boiler when what issues should pay attention to it? Xiao Bian gave you about the advantages of the river south fast fuel gas-fired boiler is reflected in What: Henan party soon, Ltd. manufactures compact gas-fired boiler fuel, boiler and ventilation, water supply, control and auxiliary equipment are provided on a chassis as possible for customers to free up more space. The advantage of this is that while the boiler is compact but its capacity is not small, hot water and heating range is not reduced because of the small volume. Main pressure connection element Henan local fast fuel gas boiler are as follows: 1, the main fire tube boiler pressure parts: the center back to the combustion chamber, boiler shell, a tube sheet, furnace, pipe tobacco, smoke box; 2 main pressure element water tube boilers: drum (drum), the waterwall tubes, boiler bank, serpentine tube header; 3, the main pressure connection element fuel gas boiler: the main welding, also part expansion may be.

Beijing SL Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as China's key high-tech enterprises, has great influence in the pharmaceutical industry. In early 2017, two-Heron relevant person in charge to get in touch fast boiler, double-Heron Pharmaceutical according to demand, our company to provide a 1-ton split steam condensing steam boiler, and is responsible for subsequent transportation, installation and commissioning work .

First, the design principle WNS type boiler and a gas main features. 1, WNS type boiler design principle and structure: WNS is a wet back boiler shell three-pass horizontal fire tube boiler, this structure uses three return, the oil mixed with air or gas well through the atomizing burner, in the complete combustion furnace in a corrugated, folded from the rear chamber into the first tobacco smoke return tube, to a second smoke box to the front return pipe tobacco, tobacco after entering the last tank, is discharged from the chimney. It has strong adaptability to different fuels, combustion of heavy oil, light oil, natural gas, city gas. Low power consumption, load regulation ratio. Boiler automatic control, adaptability of the burner. Using imported burner, reliable performance, high degree of automation. 2, the main features of the WNS type boiler: High (1) combustion efficiency, safe and stable, space-saving, fuel-saving, low investment costs to buy fuel; (2) full-pull edge butt welds, boiler safety, long life, maintenance costs low. (3) there is arranged a tail flue gas condensation recovery, can effectively control the exhaust gas temperature, high thermal efficiency of the boiler; (4) with automatic burner, water continuous electric adjustment, high combustion efficiency. (5) The quick configuration, the entire boiler design on the steel strong base, easy installation and transportation, saving the boiler room floor space area. Two, SZS type gas boiler structure and characteristics: SZS longitudinal type double drum "D" type arrangement quick water boiler with hot water output. It consists of upper and lower drum, membrane wall, the convection tubes, condensers, and economizer, disposed in the front wall of the burner, the combustion of the fuel in the furnace, flue gas convection bank, an economizer and a condenser into the chimney. The main features are: (1) The double boiler drum "D" type arrangement, compact, small footprint, good flame fullness. (2) the boiler supporting mode can be free to expand upwards. (3) furnace wall and membrane in all convection pass wall structure, good sealing and maintenance work and reduce the use of refractory bricks. (4) The quick boiler structure can effectively shorten the installation cycle. (5) arranged economizer tail, can effectively reduce the exhaust gas temperature, high thermal efficiency of the boiler. (6) The whole boiler steel seat strong base, easy transportation and installation. (7) having a heating surface surplus, soda and a sufficiently large space to ensure stable boiler parameters. (8) with automatic burner, combustion efficiency and an ignition control program and overpressure, flame protection. Third, the application type WNS and SZS boiler used in Example 15 t: In addition to evaporation, working pressure, as the fuel is used, the two contrast, WNS size slightly smaller type gas boiler, small footprint, from a cost perspective, slightly lower than SZS type gas boiler, the thermal efficiency of the boiler is almost the same, but their difference only lies between 1 t -20 t tonnage, the conventional WNS type gas boiler, and SZS-type gas-fired boiler more than 4 tons -60 tons, even to 90 tons.