oli boiler for plywood

Gas-fired oli boiler for plywoods used chemical characteristics of gas-fired boiler which uses chemical characteristics of what? Improved technology, gas boilers wide variety of applications in the field of production requirements, replaces the traditional combustion boiler, put forward their own characteristics, not only has significantly improved performance, but also relatively easy to operate. First, the system is simple, compact, durable and does not require gas boiler slag equipment, dust and other auxiliary equipment, ventilation and small boilers, water supply, control and auxiliary equipment disposed on the chassis, may be medium-sized factory assembled, thus greatly improving the efficiency. Due to the compact structure, the structure of the content is simple, greatly simplifying the tool. During operation of the machine easier and more convenient. Second, high thermal efficiency, environmental gas is a gas combustion boiler, the high clean fuel, environmentally friendly technology, combustion efficiency and the exhaust gas temperature, substantially the same as the large-capacity industrial boilers, exhaust pollution is very small, can reduce the combustion of different energy. Can effectively improve the heating efficiency and reduce pollutants. Follow the development of environmental protection is one of modern production and processing equipment. Third, automated operation with the deepening of modern gas boiler technology and perfect, it can fully meet the requirements of automated operation, to better meet the lighting, automatic fire-fighting requirements and other related content. On the one hand greatly improves the safety of the production process, on the other hand greatly reduce the labor costs. Powerful automation, to further meet the needs of modern enterprise intelligent and efficient production.

Food condensing oli boiler for plywood plant using condensing boilers What are the characteristics of the food factory employed What are the characteristics? The boiler is a condensing boiler technology modern scientific technology employed. Such technique can greatly improve the heat absorption of the boiler, and having a high thermal efficiency. At present, many boilers generally use clean energy such as natural gas as a fuel to use, so it has great environmental characteristics. In addition, there are other advantages of the condensing boiler. Let's look at them. The modular design of the operation more simple present invention is suitable for food factory boiler, multi-piece modular design, installation is simple structure, flexible and convenient. Briefly: the original single large boiler is divided into N dry, instead of a small boiler. This design allows the boiler in the number of simple parallel reach the size of any one boiler. Thus, many users choose to use this instead of a variety of condensing boiler heating hot water boiler.

The picture shows the fast oli boiler for plywood processing plant located in the plain areas, plus catch up period is for a residential area of ​​Beijing for the production of low concentration of nitrogen product water tube boiler heating in winter, as scheduled in 2018 to ensure that heating at the same time, to meet the 20 mg / m require extremely low emissions of nitrogen oxides, Beijing air emission standards applicable to other regions 30 mg / cubic meter.

14 ton coal fired CFB oli boiler for plywood

CFB technology has been typically associated with small-scale industrial boilers using difficult fuels. But with the emergence of utility-scale commercial installations is changing.