whr boilers in industrial area

Fast whr boilers in industrial area in gas boiler industry has been at the leading level for low nitrogen environmental aspects of deep research. Dingzhou Yili Dairy determined after reaching cooperation with our company, launched a work plan for the boiler low-nitrogen transformation. Yili Dairy Dingzhou three original boiler 15t / h gas steam boiler, NOx emissions have reached 150mg / Nm3, belonging to the boiler equipment far exceeded. After the party fast professional and technical engineers, boiler and boiler model parameters to fully understand the components, rapidly developed a specific rehabilitation programs, start from the combustion system to achieve NOx emissions of 30mg / Nm3 to meet the most stringent environmental standards of the atmosphere.

Generating whr boilers in industrial areas and advantages of energy saving boilers come out is used in heating sector, a few decades ago, only the hot water supply Boiler an option, not now have electric water heater. But the reason behind the boiler using less and less, not only because of the emergence of electric water heaters, there are some shortcomings of the boiler itself. To manually before burning boiler is someone constantly watching, but also produce a lot of dust particles, cause some pollution to the environment, most importantly, the cost is not lower than the Boiler electricity, therefore, boiler heating way was to replace the heating power. Energy saving boiler view of this situation, it appears. The so-called energy saving, by definition, refers to such less time spent in the boiler heating resource, the cost will be relatively low, and will not cause substantial pollution to the environment, it is more environmentally friendly. In addition to these advantages, the service life of energy saving boilers also last longer than the average boiler, usually twice, which is also greatly reduce the cost of our customers. It is because of all the ills of the previous environmental protection boiler, there is now the economic and social progress of science and technology, the emergence of environmental protection boiler is in line with the trend of the times and the urgent needs of our customers. So, if you want to use a relatively large heating systems, such as some units, inside the school and so on, it is best environmentally-friendly boiler.

Whether using an evaporator and sewage factors steam whr boilers in industrial area: A boiler steam boiler which, because of its web site products, so if you want to have a comprehensive understanding of the Website, then, this A boiler is also can not be left out, otherwise, we can not achieve the above purpose. And this for us, but also a very good opportunity to learn, because of this, can broaden their knowledge, that is, so that they benefit from it. 1. steam boiler, it will use part of the evaporator it? A steam boiler, which is not used in this part of the evaporator, since these devices are two different devices, and are two different concepts, therefore, can not be an evaporator on a steam boiler. Further, the steam generated by the steam boiler, is as an evaporator of the heat source to be used. 2. The steam boiler water treatment personnel, the basic requirement, what is? Steam boiler water treatment personnel, the basic requirements for the special prosecutor to by the local technical supervision departments, and participate in relevant training and assessment, the ability to operate the boiler water treatment equipment, as well as, boiler water quality analysis testing and other work, or is not carried out.

What is worth the whr boilers in industrial area us to focus and specifically discussed? Boiler RB, which refers to what? Boiler insulation, materials What? How to determine its thickness? As well as, the requirements for the construction of the boiler room, what? In addition, what the problem is related to the boiler? These, for us, is very important and basic, so the following answer one by one, to let everyone have a thorough understanding and correct understanding. 1. boiler RB, which refers to what? Boiler room in the RB, which then specifically, it refers to the rapid reduction of the boiler load. And, it means that when the auxiliary boiler trip due to a failure, it will automatically be reduced to 50% of the rated load matching, that is, half of the rated load, in order to ensure the safety of the boiler. At the same time, control of the boiler, change will occur. How the material and thickness of the insulation layer 2. The boiler is determined? In the boiler, the insulation layer is a very important part, in which the material selection, there are mainly rock wool, ceramic fiber cotton and cotton fibers such as aluminum perchlorate. Wherein, aluminum chlorate is used mostly cotton fibers. As for the thickness of which is determined on, it is determined according to the temperature requirements, and also taking into account the heat losses. For the boiler and pipes, in general, a thickness in the range of 100-200mm.