wns three return wet back boiler products

The Circulating fluidized bed coal fired wns three return wet back boiler products contains mainly particles of an inert material, like sand and ash, including particles of SO2 sorbent. The coal content in a fluidized bed is not considerable, it is only from 3 to 5% of the whole mass of the bed.

Capacity wns three return wet back boiler productss and gas fired boiler size is the same, relatively simple transformation, the host and the user need only replace the combustor can, without adjusting the auxiliary equipment and steam pipe. 2, coal-fired boilers into different types of gas-fired boilers

Installation of the electrical installation of the wns three return wet back boiler products plant food construction projects in food plant boiler electrical engineering electrical engineering project construction method is a combination of ground construction project construction and equipment installation and commissioning of the process. The ground before construction, the cable should be installed according to the design drawings and specifications housing and outside the housing coated with rust. A second line is connected immediately after installation. 1, a cabinet is mounted an electronic control cabinet during transportation and installation should shock, moisture, deformation of the frame to prevent damage to the paint, and should be carefully examined unpacking specification, to collect information. When installed, the electrical control cabinet to be formed and is fixed to the base steel. b. secondary circuit drawings shall be constructed electronic control cabinet, in order to meet the design requirements, and comply with GB50171-92 standards. C. plastic bobbin thermal printing word end part of the cable cores and the number of coils, the number is correct and legible. Wiring neat, clear, beautiful, good insulation, without damage. e. floor distribution boxes should be based, water-proof in line pool.

The meeting also outstanding performance in 2016 was in recognition of outstanding dealers, Lu president called on everyone confidence, walk hand in hand, writing a new chapter in the rapid development of the fast side. After the meeting, the participants went to the factory, gas wns three return wet back boiler products laboratory site visit. Then, fast boiler dealers a VIP Tong Fu Australian business communication, to visit and learn advanced foreign technology. The meeting has come to an end, fast-party reseller partners to do with the group to explore strategic, content exchange, policy interpretation, experience sharing, so that the two sides closer together, you and the dealer is confident it can work together under the leadership of the party soon Group creating a potential win-win future.