boiler steam for pharma type specification

Boiler reheat steam temperature abnormal phenomenon how to do 1, reheat steam temperature abnormal alarm. 2, when rapid change in the reheat steam temperature, turbine expansion, differential expansion, abnormal vibration or the like changes. 3, frequent accidents significantly reducing water damper action. 4, flue gas damper position is not adjusted properly. Cause 1, the flue gas through the large open shutter adjustment or control failure. 2, Save heated reheater out of adjustment. 3, boiler steam for pharma type specification total wind excessive or too small. 4, furnace wall fouling, coking, fouling, resulting in furnace exit gas temperature is high. 5, reheater heating surface leakage, reheater tubes or burst at the occurrence of secondary combustion. 6, the high side mistakenly turned off after the adjustment is not properly heated Save high, high temperature steam. 7, squib reheat steam pipe. 1 process, or by warm water reheater flue automatic adjustment of the deflector is not normal, it is cut immediately to normal manual adjustment. 2, the case of excessive wind should be timely adjustment of the air volume is normal. 3, if the boiler furnace wall dirt, water wall for soot blowing to respond, if necessary, the main steam temperature can be appropriately reduced. 4. reheater heating surface leakage, the secondary combustion occurs squib or reheater, the result when the reheat steam temperature rises, in addition to quickly take measures to cool, but also processed separately according to the corresponding regulations. 5, sharply decreased 50 deg.] C over 10 minutes temperature reheat steam turbine side, should an emergency stop. 6, if the malfunction is high side, should be immediately shut down, and the next higher vapor temperature adjusted within a predetermined range.

Fuel steam boiler steam for pharma type specification antifreeze function: fuel steam boiler temperature protection: detects when dry protection to a temperature above 95 deg.] C, the heating tube immediately cut off the power supply; leakage protection: upon detection of the leakage current is greater than 15mA, immediately cut off power to prevent electrocution, the display shows the fault code and warning information, troubleshooting, controller reboot before it can work properly.

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The horizontal three-way wet-back structure is selected to improve the boiler steam for pharma type specification operation environment and improve the boiler power and service life. All flue gas channels are placed in water, the tail is equipped with waste heat water tank and perfect thermal insulation outsourcing design. Smoke box seal adopts labyrinth structure to avoid smoke leakage in smoke box.