new oil fired vacuum boiler for hotel

What are the advantages of aspects of the vacuum new fired vacuum boiler for hotel vacuum boiler furnace because the inside is a vacuum thermal evaporation condensation heat exchanger country, thus adding heat medium during use, while saving environmentally friendly than other types of boilers. 1, due to the vacuum energy efficient vacuum suction hot water boiler technology in the production design, the boiler can operate in a vacuum state, the low boiling point, the latent heat of vaporization can be performed (latent heat of condensation), ternary wet-back design. E body having good heat transfer properties, and can effectively improve the radiation pairs. More efficient heat transfer area, energy. 2, a machine not only due to the vacuum boiler can be freely selected vertical, horizontal, fuel, gas and other models, and because of its heat exchanger and the header is an independent state, hot water and hot water load in accordance with any The actual handover is necessary. Users can fully meet the different requirements of hot water and sanitary hot water, hot water cleaning to ensure stability, to achieve multi-purpose. 3, easy to install due to the vacuum during boiler manufacturing modular design, using high-performance heat transfer element, the entire unit of small volume, not only easy to transport and storage, and easy to install. And also can be easily installed or in parallel using the plurality of units actually needed in the case of a small space.

Vacuum new fired vacuum boiler for hotel works, features and advantages: vacuum steam boiler equipped with a temperature controller system and a security alarm system is set, when the temperature reaches the set boiler stopping the machine control system will automatically cut off the electrical and gas systems, and issues Audible alarm. Any of a vacuum boiler vacuum gauge, a vacuum switch, a vacuum pump monitoring system, the flue gas temperature sensing probe, etc. abnormal, the control system will automatically cut off the electrical and gas systems, with sound and light alarm. Vacuum adsorption boiler is equipped with a safety valve, start overpressure, to achieve the purpose of safety relief. Preventing overheating protection device, when the boiler temperature exceeds 100 ° C, automatic fuse protection device, the gas system and cut off the circuit, so as to achieve a safety pressure relief, the working principle of vacuum boiler water at atmospheric pressure (1bar), boiling point of 100 ℃. Pressure below 1bar, the boiling point of water becomes less than 100 deg.] C; pressure -0.7bar, a boiling point of 90 deg.] C; pressure -0.3bar, a boiling point of 70 ℃; pressure -0.1bar, a boiling point of 40 ℃ vacuum hot water unit. after the hermetic chamber is formed by a vacuum pumping the vacuum chamber, the combustion heat medium boiling water vapor generates a negative pressure in the vacuum chamber, the vapor condenses in the external heat exchanger, the heating temperature and the cold water pipe to the user through the water after the vapor condenses to form water droplets flow back into the heat medium water, re-heating evaporation, thus completing the cycle, the unit is less than the normal operating pressure -0.7bar. Heating medium water is treated by a special cleaning, deoxidation high water, washed once injection is completed before delivery from the factory, in a closed loop inside the unit during use (evaporation - condensation - vaporization), not increase, not decrease, the unit life without need to be supplemented or replaced.

How to identify whether the vacuum new fired vacuum boiler for hotel manufacturer specializing in formal professional regular vacuum boiler manufacturers have provided will give you experience, we targeted one to one plan, apart from providing a vacuum will give you a more professional overall authority of the boiler system plan, ensure that the boiler corresponds to the highest standards in the industry, can have a very high price, will allow us to purchase not afford any other money, the choice of features and security is concerned, it can be achieved very good regular standard.

In response to the state-assigned air quality improvement objectives and environmental supervision central feedback coal-fired new fired vacuum boiler for hotels environmental pollution rectification program, Kang County, Gansu Province based on "government-led, relying on real responsibility, Take Measures to proceed with" principle, accelerate the burning of remediation work out of the coal boiler, and to develop the following measures, at present, reconstruction activities are being actively promoted.

A: a comprehensive investigation, the establishment of accounting. For urban areas, towns, Kudo industrial parks all coal-fired boilers to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic investigation, a total of investigation and the use of the boiler 31 enterprises, a total of 38 boilers, electric boilers and removal of fuel two boilers, coal-fired boilers county a total of 36, including two sets of 20 tons of steam boilers, coal-fired boiler pressure 4. In the diagnostic process, the situation boiler location, type, number of units, the tonnage, use, carefully verify the age and so on, and sort out the summary, so that a boiler does not leak, the device information is not a shortage.

Two: to strengthen publicity, and create atmosphere. Through new media, focus on advocacy, government circulars issued, will be held to promote the government leaders in charge of on-site investigation led mobilization and other forms of media offensive formation, multi-level multi-angle carry out various forms of publicity and education remediation phase out coal-fired boilers, each guide society personnel support and participate actively promote the use of coal-fired boiler units understand the situation, to speed up the phase-out of coal-fired boiler renovation.

Three: supervision of interviews, results-oriented. Person in charge of the county Bureau of Quality Supervision led, in-depth coal-fired boiler unit, for the slowness, lack of knowledge, waiting to see the business units and enlighten them with reason, and emotionally moving. With the responsible persons of the two job interviews lag to not be one of them out of the situation Reconstruction of boiler in accordance with national policy requirements, on-site recovery boiler registration certificate and ordered deadline to be removed or modified.

Kang mentioned standard by the transformation, step out, closed down closed down, to gas and electricity from coal to supervise a number of measures to actively promote the elimination of remediation coal-fired boilers. Currently the county out of 29 coal-fired boiler units, of which 15 units destructive demolition, stop burning close 12 stations, two mentioned standard transformation. The remaining seven out of focus on remediation plan included in this year, the county continues to promote this work, and to call on the unit enthusiastic, standards do not fall, the team leave, determined to complete the end of October this year, the county and below 10 tons of steam coal-fired boiler work all clear.