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Recently, the Changsha City issued a notice on the transformation of low nitrogen gas precio calentador o boiler de gran potencia industrial related documents. Details are as follows:

1, a total transformation time for two years, 2019-2020 years.

2, the transformation range: High-tech Zone, Furong District, Tianxin, Kaifu District, Yuhua District, Yuelu District administrative region, the city of hope Gaotangling Subdistrict high Tong Ling Area, Osan streets Yujia slope Area, Lake Daze in the region ban on burning streets, white sandbar streets, moon Island street, Jinshan bridge street, Golden Park street, Xingsha streets of Changsha County, Hunan Long street, Quantang streets, Langli streets, long queue streets, such as the scope of the existing town of Sha It is not less than 1 ton of steam (greater than or equal to the rated power or hot water boiler, organic heat carrier in the boiler 0.7MW) gas boiler (facility) (boiler equipment including special directory outside the range) low nitrogen unit owners embodiments transformation. Or more areas outside the area of ​​self-implementation.

3, the transformation of the standard limits: the new replacement and overall gas boiler Changsha NOx emission is less than 30mg / Nm³; gas boiler (facility) was transformed with the nitrogen oxides emission concentration of less than 50mg / m³.

4, 2019 Task: In addition to the Furong District, Yuhua District, within a range of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban other jurisdictions to start the transformation from June 2019, 50% complete gas-fired boiler (facilities) low nitrogen transformation and complete acceptance.

5, 2020 Tasks: Before the end of October 2020 to complete all gas boilers (facilities) within the range of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban on low-nitrogen transformation and complete acceptance.

Domestic large industrial precio calentador o boiler de gran potencia industrial plant which domestic large industrial boiler plant what? At present, the domestic boiler plant also appeared in effect set. Currently many small boiler plant due to backward technology, the market is gradually eliminated. For businesses, the purchase of the boiler, be sure to select large industrial boiler manufacturers do, so, whether it is early or late communication service are guaranteed. For the domestic large industrial boiler plant which, at present, like Chiang Kai-shek, Fang fast, Shuangliang, Zheng pot are currently relatively large boiler manufacturers. For enterprises, the selection of these big boiler manufacturers, it now seems quite reassuring, this is the case, the choice of the boiler industry also has a reference nature.

Operational efficiency and the use of precio calentador o boiler de gran potencia industrial efficiency condensing gas factors affecting brewery brewery condensing gas boiler length of time is important reference customer choice and purchase of the boiler. Of course, this is a preliminary issue, linked to the quality of the boiler, but after the operation and maintenance of the real needs of customers insist on a regular basis to complete. 1. The difference between the mass of gas and liquefied petroleum gas is a relatively pure source of gas, the gas is relatively poor artificial, impurities inside thereof, an unstable component, a low calorific value, the greater impact on the life of the equipment. 2. WATER QUALITY China's large land area, large differences in water quality. Water calcium and magnesium ions of different contents. Condensing boiler water treatment even after softening, easy to scale, but only to soften the water to reduce the content of calcium and magnesium ions, can not be completely eliminated. The results show that the heat transfer performance of the system deteriorates to reduce the diameter, the flow is blocked, the energy consumption increases. Gas boiler condensate pump clogging once the flow is not smooth, easy to failure, damage to the main heat exchanger at high temperature easily. Thus greatly reducing the time used in boiler water circulation system equipment. The quality of steam produced is also not high.

Fluidized bed combustion FBC precio calentador o boiler de gran potencia industrial Application

FBC technology is widely applied in chemical plants, steel work, utility and other industrial processes.The rapid spread of CFBC technology started in North America where the largest cumulative capacity is installed mainly in the USA.Europe followed with the installations of co-generation and coal-fired CFBC plants. The growth in capacity levelled off in Western Europe in the early 1990s but deployment increased in Central and Eastern Europe, especially Poland and the Czech Republic during the same period.CFBC technology has been employed for power generation for more than 20 years.Today, approximately 600 coal-burning CFBC power generating units have been installed and are in operation worldwide, and nearly 180 units with a total capacity of over 26 GWe currently are under construction or planned to be built.