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Important role heating stove heating stove manufacturers is how to embody the temperature? Important role heating stove heating stove manufacturers is how to embody the temperature? Drum is heated and evaporated, and the hub is connected substantially demarcation point during overheating. Drum respectively economizer outlet water wall, and thermal drop tube connected to form a natural circulation circuit. After preheating feed water economizer away drum; via natural circulation top incineration boiler manufacturers in the world water starts to evaporate at a lower water-cooled wall, soda mixture formed is separated and saturated steam within the drum; saturated steam enters the superheater for superheating steam drum We can ensure that any conditions superheater import is always saturated steam.

Recently, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province issued a "Chuzhou Municipal People's Government on the issuance of Chuzhou City to win the Battle of the sky three-year action plan to implement the program," which raised more for coal-fired governance requirements, as follows.

First, the continued implementation of the total coal consumption control. As of 2020, the city's coal accounts for a further decline in the proportion of total energy consumption; the city's coal consumption to complete the tasks assigned by the provincial government; a new coal project implementation reduction of coal instead.

Second, the implementation of the "coal to gas" and "electricity instead of coal." Under the premise of the implementation of the gas source, protect people's livelihood, glass, foundry industry to actively promote natural gas instead of coal gasification project, orderly implementation of coal-fired facilities from coal to gas. Combined with regional and industry energy characteristics, and actively promote the residential electricity, industrial production, building heating heating, transportation, production of five major areas of agricultural implement "electricity instead of coal", focus on improving the proportion of final energy consumption of electricity accounted for.

Third, carry out comprehensive improvement of the boiler. Increase efforts to eliminate small coal-fired boilers, to consolidate the results of coal-fired boilers eliminated. The city basically eliminated 35 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired boilers and furnaces tea, operating the stove, grain storage and drying equipment, coal-fired facilities, no new 35 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired boilers; 35 tons of steam per hour more coal-fired boilers (excluding boiler coal-fired plants) all meet the special emission limit requirements; 65 tons of steam per hour and above all coal-fired boilers and energy-efficient ultra-low emissions to complete the transformation. Low-nitrogen gas boiler substantially complete transformation; urban built-up area of ​​ultra-low emission biomass boilers implement reform.

Fourth, increase the technological transformation efforts cogeneration units to speed up the heating pipe network construction, fully release and improve the heating capacity, eliminate network coverage and bulk coal fired boilers within range. In areas do not have the cogeneration district heating conditions, the existing multiple small coal-fired boilers, alternative construction of large-capacity coal-fired boilers in accordance with the principle of equal volume.

Fifth, strengthen the bulk coal governance. Full implementation of the "Interim Measures for commercial coal quality management" and coal-fired boiler technology standard, good bulk coal use Survey, the development of bulk coal governance implementation. Expand the scope of urban high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban, and gradually extended to the outskirts of the urban area. Combustion zone ban prohibiting the use of high-polluting coal for fuel, the progressive realization of no coal rank. Daly promote quality and new coal stoves, improving combustion efficiency.

Leakage top incineration boiler manufacturers in the world superheater, how to deal with the phenomenon of a burst pipe, tube leak detection alarm device. 2, the normal water flow is not greater than the steam flow. 3, furnace pressure transient and unstable prejudiced. 4, superheater tube side leakage sound, may not close the outwardly steaming. 5, the main steam pressure drop. 6, exhaust gas superheater tube side temperature drop. 7, the induced draft fan auto on abnormal current is increased. 8, through the squib low, the main steam temperature. 9, superheater, reheater steam temperature deviation is increased on both sides. 1 reason, defective material or post-manufacture, installation cause damage to the pipe, poor welding quality. 2, the inner tube superheater fouling, thermal excursions, etc., caused by over-temperature long wall. 3, fly ash wall thinning caused by wear and tear. 4, the secondary combustion occurs superheater area. 5, the superheater tubes debris. 6, improper use wall soot blower wear. 7, the water pipe plug superheater cause local overheating, or alternating stress cause fatigue damage. 8, boiler startup boost, warming too fast. 9, boiler overpressure long run. 10, the inner tube corrosion. 11, pipe aging failure. 1 process, superheater leakage is not serious, the leaks along the steam temperature to maintain normal operation, and should verify the leak site, and focus leaks timely reporting of development, the boiler load drop down operation to prevent damage to other blowing leak flow tube panels adjacent tubes or reduce damage to over-temperature, shutdown processing and application. 2, no leakage severely superheater maintained during operation, an additional leak fence manhole, inspection hole and suspended nameplate, prevent steam discharge wounding. 3, note that the monitoring to maintain the operation of the air preheater during operation, to strengthen the inspection checks, such as air preheater ash fouling seriously upon application shutdown process. 4, after the shutdown, ID fan should be retained, there is no discharge to be stopped after soda ID fan.

State whether the device can achieve energy saving and environmental protection very seriously, and have issued a series of policies and requirements, so many companies are in transition to environmentally friendly direction, top incineration boiler manufacturers in the worlds companies as well. Now on the boiler market, major businesses have launched the "environmentally friendly" boiler equipment, whether these boilers can truly energy saving it? In terms of security and what protection?