with stoker boiler for central heating

Traditional centralized heat cogeneration district heating transmission pipeline has been lengthened increasingly unable to fully meet the needs of urbanization in the heating market, while large areas of fog and haze has promoted the huge demand for clean heating. At present, the main methods of cleaning heat pump technology, solar energy technology, electrical technology and the Valley of the gas heating technology, and as more and more abundant supply of natural gas, heating comfort has been formed in the northern heating area, as well as the South demand areas of the city and not have central heating, the use of natural gas distributed energy heating has a wider range of adaptability. However, the traditional large energy gas with stoker boiler for central heating, in the era of high gas prices, high operating costs hampered the large-scale application of gas heating.

March 19, 2019, Tangshan, Hebei Province, the city government official held "2019 Tangshan depth control key industries scientific and technological achievements Matchmaking" meeting the cement industry on air pollution emissions caps mobilization discussion. According to the news conference, Tangshan City Cement companies need before the end of September this year will be dust, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides are controlled to not more than 10mg / m³, 30mg / m³, 50mg / m³. Official documents will be introduced in the near future.

It is reported, as early as in September last year, Tangshan cement industry in particular has a value of air pollutants emissions of nitrogen oxides emission concentration is less than 50mg / m³ proposed.

September 3, 2018, Tangshan Municipal Government issued the "ecological environment in Tangshan depth remediation tackling month action plan", "plan" industrial enterprises in pollution control, discharge of pollutants in the cement industry to make the following requirements: single production of raw grinding material, bag filter employed; one mill kiln production process, humidification tower may be used - electric precipitator dust collection system, dust emission concentration ≤10mg / m³. Rotary kilns for cement kiln and, preferably high dust coating, conditioning tower may be used - electric precipitator, dust emission concentration ≤10mg / m3, the concentration of sulfur dioxide emissions ≤50mg / m3, nitrogen oxides emission concentration ≤ 50mg / m3.

Security door energy saving effect of energy saving with stoker boiler for central heating boiler safety door is a must-have component, it can play a role in protecting the boiler. Today small as we summarize some small knowledge of security doors to share. Security door is a very important energy saving boiler protection device which prevents over-pressure and pressure parts of the boiler accident occurs, thus ensuring the safe operation of the boiler. In the statutes of the boiler on the arrangement position and the amount of exhaust steam safety gates are very clearly defined. For example, some parts of the hot water boiler must be installed a security gate: outlet superheater, reheater inlet, outlet and shut-off valve once-through boiler superheater and before starting other parts of the separator. Boiler a number of safety door mounting vapor portion has strict requirements: the sum of emissions must be greater than the maximum continuous evaporation boiler; security door secondary vapor mounting portion, the total emissions must be greater than the reheater maximum design flow 100%. One of the properties is a very important energy saving boiler safety door, that is, from the seat pressure, also need to be adjusted and verified in accordance with the following general principles of addition of different manufacturers that have special provisions that drum and superheater outlet control safety door from reseating pressure for the working pressure 1.05 times, work safety gate from base pressure of 1.08 times the working pressure, reheater outlet safety gate from base pressure of 1.10 times the working pressure, the working safety gate from reseating pressure for the working pressure 1.04 times. Back seat pressure safety doors, should generally be from 4% to 7% of a seat pressure. From the seat pressure boiler using regular manufacturers of qualified products. Here to remind you overpressure test except this particular case, each security doors should be put into operation in the usual way, which is to protect the security doors are not subject to unnecessary damage, so that it can be possible to prevent energy saving boiler in each case overpressure situation occurs. We would also like security doors for regular inspection to ensure good facilities complete state. If you find that the door is not secure good sealing performance under operating pressure, we need to debug correction or replacement. Good quality security doors boiler use, excellent durability, as long as you use and maintenance in accordance with instructions, can protect the safe operation of energy-efficient boilers. These are the role of energy saving boiler safety door, you also have a lot of harvest it the same with small series? I hope this helps you make better use of energy saving boilers.

First, the change may be measured inside the pipeline gas with stoker boiler for central heating, if a carbon steel pipe, then, once it exceeds 3.5% of the crude swelling should be replaced; the replacement of the steel pipe expanding crude criteria should be more than 2.5%, more stringent.