10ton steam boiler for marshall

It is reported that Jinjiang City of Fujian Province will be fully started tackling air pollution prevention and control work, Market Authority as a proactive, Take Measures to promote coal-fired boiler renovation work.

Market Authority through three initiatives to further improve the environmental air treatment Jinjiang City, Jinjiang create "blue sky": strict criteria, the better the mark.

Actively cooperate with environmental protection, by letter and other relevant departments, coal-fired boilers do not meet environmental policy, shall not start to inform, Supervision, Inspection and registration certificate for the use of strict coal-fired boilers access gateway, departmental interaction, ensure its effectiveness.

Strengthen communication and coordination with environmental protection, by letter and other related departments and Towns, a solid job of remediation coal-fired boilers, out of work.

Combined area of ​​gas supply, heating pipe network coverage, and vigorously promote the use of natural gas, electricity and other clean energy, and take the way government subsidies, coal-fired boiler to remove their push to ensure the prevention and control of atmospheric achieve results.

Step up publicity services in place. Organization of the market supervision area of ​​propaganda out of coal-fired boilers policy of the increase, according to the sense of service, "a visit to promote a" do a good job guidance subsidies, removal and cancellation of work, and guide to remove their coal-fired boilers, and required to apply for removal of cancellation.

Efficient hot water boiler introduce today introduce efficient hot water boiler. Selection of three horizontal wet return back configuration, to improve boiler operating environment, and the life of the power boiler progress; all of the flue gas channel is placed in water, the tail with heat and sound insulation outer tank design, choice of cigarette box sealing labyrinth structure, avoid tobacco smoke box leak scene. Thermal power boiler up to 90%, selected outstanding swell function of the tapered corrugated furnace furnace furnace combination, flame-scale furnace coincides seq flue gas flow area is reduced, the flue gas constant activities, to ensure that high temperature flue gas in the heat exchange time of the furnace, to achieve the best effect of heat transfer; exact match selection boiler burning high performance machine, a comprehensive conditioning active, so that plenty of burning fuel savings, decreased pollution; use of high insulation fine glass wool function, heat loss is smaller; the choice of intelligent energy-saving control system for boiler and water supply, heating, automatic control system for temperature control, can not reach the same fuel load conditioning supply, saving even more. Means for all packaged boiler embodiment, the oscillation is small, no special requirements on the ground, without fixing bolt, means schematically easy. Selection activity burner configuration can be matched various incinerator, replacement burner, convenient repair furnace. The front and rear smoke box using removable construction activities, you can easily check the inside of the boiler, protection, conservation, simple, fast, innovative product design, reasonable structure, outstanding technological functions, so that the product has different s outstanding high quality, It is the latest development of new products.

In order to ensure the quality of the hot water boiler safety to choose the regular manufacturers of heating and hot water boiler main bath has two purposes. Hot water boiler by circulating hot water circulation pump hot water holding tank, the tank hot water heating cycle can be achieved bath object; hot water boiler by circulating hot water circulation pump heating conduit, through the heat sink (radiator) people can achieve heating requirements; hot water boiler and hot water circulating pump with heat exchanger can be achieved bathing and heating dual function. Hot water boiler water must be processed through water treatment equipment, there is no reliable water treatment measures, water quality testing, boilers are not allowed to put into operation. Evaporation rated greater than or equal 1T / h of 10ton steam boiler for marshalls and thermal power is greater than or equal to the rated boiler hot water boiler should be set 0.7MW sampling device, when the quality requirements of the steam, the steam is also provided the sampling device. Water quality testing for not less than once every two hours, and do a good job records, water quality laboratory abnormalities should take appropriate measures to increase the number of tests. Evaporation rated greater than or equal 6T / h boiler deaerator device should be configured. Hot water boiler is a thermal energy released by the fuel combustion to heat the water in the vessel, the temperature of the water reaches the desired (hot water) of the heating equipment. It is a whole consisting of boiler accessories instrumentation and ancillary equipment. While the boiler furnace and boiler in two portions, after the raw water into the boiler, the boiler heating surface of the heat transferred to the water absorption, the water heated to a certain temperature to heating using user productivity. Continuous fuel combustion burner constantly emit heat, high temperature flue gas produced by combustion heat propagation, can transfer heat to the heating surface of the boiler, while the temperature was gradually lowered itself, through the chimney. Pot and furnace division of work, a endothermic, exothermic, perfect fit is closely linked to the device as a whole, are indispensable. Hot water boiler in operation by the circulating pump for power. The aqueous continuous circulating flow, stop the heat absorbing heat receiving surface to transfer all the raw water, the heated surface to give good cooling, heating water accelerated the foot, thus ensuring the safety of the boiler heating surface under high temperature conditions jobs. To ensure the quality and safety of the boiler, we had to choose a regular gas hot water boiler manufacturers of boilers, so the quality can be guaranteed, in order to have service guarantee.

A pressurized gas or refinery gas (including associated gas), cool, liquefaction of a colorless, volatile gases. LPG obtained from the refinery gas, mainly composed of propane, propylene, butane, butene, and contains a small amount of pentane, pentene and trace sulfur compound impurities. 1, the main component of liquefied natural gas is methane, only a small amount of carbon dioxide and other substances of combustion, better environmental protection. 2, the heat value of the liquefied natural gas is higher than the liquefied petroleum gas, and better economic performance. 3, liquefied natural gas transported by pipeline, the presence of a liquefied form, more secure. Third, the common market of gas-fired boiler