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Daily hot water boiler john thompson for sale hot water boiler blowdown precautions before working sewage water boiler should point higher than the normal water level is adjusted to the state, keeping in view the drain valve temperature, if the temperature is higher then the exploration drain valve leaks will have timely check the reason to eliminate as soon as possible. But also regularly check the sewage outfall hot water boilers to avoid damage to the sewage pipes are not smooth water circulation system. But also timely sewage, shift work after the handover should be promptly checked after outfall steam boiler for hot water boiler blowdown period of time to work, it is pressure boiler fire, sewage, or choose to work at low load, select this time period the reason is because the water circulating in the boiler convection slow, dirt in the pipeline is likely to accumulate time, so this time the sewage, then the effect is relatively good, nor will it contribute to steam hot water boiler affected. For the process of hot water boiler pollution suggest that you should be much shorter intervals in the case of repetition, so you can make the dirt more focused and more rapid discharge. Sewage process operator must not leave the scene, pay attention to water level changes, so as to avoid the phenomenon of water in the furnace.

1258, which permits the use of boiler john thompson for sales and boiler must-tight seal action: the boiler this site important to conduct a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the product, must proceed from its various aspects, and not miss any knowledge points, so as not to affect the product understanding of comprehensiveness. So, based on this, the following will explain boiler-related knowledge, or their answers to difficult problems, so that we can have learning content and learning objects, and then to the boiler depth website products. 1. Selection of the boiler, which, whether as individuals and enterprises, on the considerations? Boiler selection, if it is used in the enterprise, it is need to consider some specific aspects, such as business using their own requirements and product parameters required, furnace selection, boiler fuel, and whether dimensions and load variation, but also to analyze the relationship between different boiler selection. The individuals concerned, not so much to consider, so the selection of work should not be so complicated, much simpler. 2. To use the words of boiler products, which documents must be? In addition, 10 tons of coal-fired boiler, its coal consumption per hour and what about? To use the boiler products, it is necessary to have a certificate product, use the product registration certificate and certificate of annual inspection reports of the three cards, and is indispensable. The 10 tons of coal-fired boiler, its coal consumption per hour, there are a number of related factors, then, is to load, use of the environment, back to the water, coal, boiler fireman operational level and the kind of these specific terms. Moreover, it can only get an estimate, rather than the actual value.

To continue to improve urban air quality, to ensure the safety of winter heating, heating Dalian Municipal Construction Committee Office will strictly enforce the "Clean northern winter heating plan (2017-2021 years)" (the "Plan"), and strive to achieve clean heating.

"Plan" put forward, Dalian will gradually increase clean heating rate, adhere to clean coal-fired central heating, local conditions of use of electricity, natural gas, solar energy (3.250,0.04,1.25%), biomass and other clean energy heating, heat storage are encouraged to promote electric heating type and other ways; the existing thermal power plant, waste heat of industrial enterprises depth potential, priority use of heat source heating to achieve ultra-low emissions; research to develop clean energy heating pricing policies; supporting natural gas pipeline network to speed up urban construction, in the implementation of the gas source, guarantee under the premise of residents to use gas, natural gas heating in an orderly way.

Continue to optimize heat distribution. Speed ​​up the construction of heating pipe network, out of network coverage and bulk coal fired boilers within range. In areas do not have the cogeneration district heating conditions, the existing multiple small coal-fired boilers, alternative construction of large-capacity coal-fired boilers in accordance with the principle of equal volume.

2018, the city built-up area basically integrated heating. 2019, the county level and above the basic integration of urban built-up area of ​​heating. Before the end of 2020, according to the special plan for urban heating requirements, the county level and above in urban built-up area within the range of 300,000 kilowatts and heating cogeneration power plant over a radius of 15 kilometers, coal-fired boiler and does not meet the ultra-low emissions of coal-fired power plants all closed down integration.

2018, above the level of removal of industrial parks and 10 tons of small coal-fired boilers 49 units, 265 units and 10 tons of banned coal-fired boilers since 2014, new registrations. 2019, to improve the standard phase-out of coal-fired boiler, expand the scope to promote the elimination of urban built-up area of ​​20 steam tons / hour (or 14 MW) and coal-fired boilers. 2020, except in accordance with urban heating heating boiler special plans need to retain outside built-up areas at the county level and above cities 20 steam tons / hour (or 14 MW) and coal-fired boilers to be eliminated.

Gradual development of ultra-low emission ultra-low emission coal-fired power plant renovation, started in 2018 and the North Sea thermoelectric thermoelectric Taishan ultra-low emissions renovation, completed in 2019 Heung Hoi coal-fired thermoelectric power plants and other enterprises reform, in 2020 to complete a full ultra-low emission coal-fired plant transformation .


1, due to the decrease of the atmospheric pressure, the fuel combustion speed slower burn time becomes longer, increasing the dissociation rate of the carbon dioxide, chemical incomplete combustion heat loss is increased. Solution to this problem is to appropriately increase the furnace volume, increased fuel residence time in the furnace.

2, no influence of the atmospheric pressure drop pairs exiled heat transfer coefficient of the heating surface, but decreases of Flame cause radiation heat transfer coefficient is reduced, so that the overall heat transfer coefficient is reduced. While reducing the radiation heat transfer coefficient caused by furnace exit gas temperature rise increases the convective heat transfer temperature difference, but to ensure that the exhaust gas temperature rises to a certain extent without excessive levels of convection heating surface area of ​​the boiler should be appropriate increase.

3, low-altitude wind pressure effect on the smoke characteristics of a large gas-fired boilers, gas boilers running in the plateau region, the burner selection must be a revision in its air volume and pressure, ensure that the output power and boiler burner output.