burner for hot water boiler energy saving

Use of natural gas boiler, so what can energy-saving? Natural gas boiler. Effective heat value but its low calorific value of about 8500 kcal / cubic its high calorific value of up to 10,000 calories, the extra part in burning Nao process becomes superheated steam with the flue gas discharged out, the exhaust gas temperature can reach about 220 degrees to install a waste heat recovery tube in the flue gas outlet of the column, heated with hot flue gas is pumped into the preparation boiler water, you can save gas more than 5% ,, Thus, in terms of low calorific value of the thermal efficiency of the boiler can be 88% to 92% to 98% to 102% 1, to improve the conditions of the air flow encounters improved gas boiler gas and air two streams communicating condition, and an object thereof is to increase the contact area. The greater the contact area, the greater is the reaction area, strengthen the burning. Specific measures may be air and the gas stream into small strands, so that the two streams meet and intersect with a certain velocity; cell stream of gas (generally a gas) passes through and submerged in another stream of air, and the like. 2, enhance mixing, scrambling combustion gas boilers burning gaseous fuel is a single-phase reaction, ignition and combustion of solid fuels easily than, but the rate and extent of complete combustion is mixed with the combustion gas and air quality are closely related. Better mix, burn more rapidly and completely, the flame is short. Therefore, as long as the stability of the flame is not destroyed, it should enhance airflow velocity gas stream in the combustion chamber outlet or even a baffle at the inlet of a large resistance and the like obstacles, let hitting, red flame, increase turbulence in the airflow to strengthen the mix. 3, preheated air and gas to increase the temperature of gas and air, can be enhanced combustion reaction. It should therefore be preheated using waste heat of exhaust gas and air temperature, thereby increasing the combustion temperature and the flame propagation velocity of the combustion process to be strengthened. 4, rotation of the rotating stream and the recycle gas stream causes turbulence and mixing can be enhanced. Meanwhile, in the center of the rotation will form a reflux stream of large gas back area of ​​the boot cycle, both to strengthen the mixing, also extended the flue gas flow path and residence time within the gas boiler and reduces loss of incomplete combustion. 5, flue gas recirculation in order to improve the combustion gas temperature of the reaction zone of the boiler, the flue gas may be directed to a portion of the high-temperature combustion data, so that the end of the fuel mixed with the burning or combustible mixture, in order to improve the combustion intensity. But take note that the amount of flue gas recirculation should not be too large, otherwise it will dilute the combustible mixture and the hook due to excessive inert substance, but slows down the combustion, pyrolysis and even anoxia, resulting in loss of incomplete combustion gas boiler.

Gas-fired steam boiler steam boiler is the main boiler gas residential and commercial water boiler water is a major commercial and residential water water. However, in recent years, from the perspective of a boiler explosion and boiler corrosion point of view, a lot of steam burner for hot water boiler energy saving workers in the Year of the maintenance and use of mechanical and electrical boilers or aging boiler is not very familiar with. Therefore, mechanical and electrical technicians paper introduces the steam hot water boiler water quality standards. 1. Installation Requirements Before installing the unit must have the technical strength, installation construction design, installation and construction to develop network solutions. Supervision Engineer organizational design, manufacture and construction units, technical exchanges and coordination in accordance with the specific circumstances of the pumping station. Installation construction design approval after the start supervising engineer will issue an order allowing the construction unit to enter the construction site for installation. The establishment of the construction unit, the establishment of a single person in charge of the project, clear terms of reference, unified command. The installer should carefully study information technology, familiar with the drawings in procedures, standards and relevant technical regulations, master installation steps, methods and requirements, the quality of the installation meets the design requirements. 2. Install the program installation program is a major part of the construction work. Content includes: installation, installation plans. Installation should be clearly defined plan and construction schedule in the installation program. The entire project individual items, sub-items and quantities should be listed. Lord, in a second phase should be separated, and then arrange the construction period, personnel structure and the various stages of construction. The main task is to work together to make progress of each project and interrelated. The main requirement gas steam boiler is as follows: 1. When the rated boiler evaporation is greater than or equal to 6t / h, degassed respond boiler. If the amount is less than rated evaporation gas steam boiler 6t h /, if found localized corrosion, water should be used deoxy measures the oxygen content of boiler feed water and steam turbine. Should be less than or equal to 0.05mg / L.2. If it is difficult to determine the dissolved solids, by measuring the conductivity or chloride ions (C1) indirect control, but the relationship between the dissolved solids or conductivity and of Cl- chloride It should be based on the proportion in the test. determine. The relationship between the ratio should be periodically retested and corrected. 3. You can control the relative basicity of the whole welded structure of the boiler. 4. evaporation rated less than or equal 2t / h, rated steam pressure is 1.0MPa or less hot water boilers and steam boilers dual water steam (e.g., steam and no special requirements for the water quality) may also be used treatment pot. However, it is necessary to supervise scaling, corrosion and water steam hot water boiler, and make ingredients, water and cleaning.

A client in Guizhou told us, he was working in a sugarcane area for alcohol production and and their company were considering to purchase a new steam boiler. He was charge in this project, and did a price survey on 25 ton biomass boiler at first.

AMD Power were to buy 10 tons of steam and one 4 tons of steam condensing steam boiler fuel gas from the company for cell processing company production and construction. From the analysis of the demand to the boiler factory, by the company solely responsible for AMD Power fully demonstrated the company's confidence in me, the smooth progress of bilateral cooperation.