combined water tube boilers in Africa

Hot water combined water tube boilers in africa smoke pipe severe corrosion damage analysis during hot water boiler running, replace the boiler pressure parts and scrapped due to severe corrosion problems caused also often occur, then this situation should be how to deal with it? the reason hot water boiler smoke pipe serious corrosion damage to: (1) boiler water does not go through water treatment, water is not compliance, coupled with improper cleanup, debris attached to the pipe wall, scaling and corrosion phenomena. (2) around the smoke tube because the water flow rate is too low, can not be precipitated by heating water circulating oxygen bubbles discharged from the furnace with timely inevitably adhered to the metal wall of the smoke tube, so that the increase in dissolved oxygen around the metal wall and the metal wall in the end and can continue to create favorable conditions play a role. Remedy: 1. strengthen management in accordance with the provisions of heating systems, to maximize the construction of water leakage, ensure safe and economic operation of the boiler. 2. boiler water should strictly comply with state standards for water softening treatment, before use standards. 3. Design hot water boiler should try to choose the appropriate flow rate for each cycle of the furnace. In short, for hot water boiler smoke pipe serious corrosion damage to the phenomenon, to be timely normative operation process, and can not be sloppy, process boilers used simultaneously performed, with particular attention to these points, standardize operations, precautionary measures in the first place.

(4) The water level gauge and the safety valve fail, and the combined water tube boilers in africa cannot be operated safely.

(5) When the drain valve fails and the control valve is closed tightly.

To protect the economic development of enterprises, production safety running smoothly, according to Qingyang County in Anhui Chizhou municipal government air pollution control requirements, coal-fired combined water tube boilers in africa inspection pull the plug on a regular basis in October 2018.

Qingyang County Market Supervisory Authority for the county a number of companies were visited research to understand the company's current production operating conditions and problems, start from regulatory functions, for enterprise development to provide quality services, reduce business costs.

Special equipment boiler pressure is high risk, than a regular inspection cycle must immediately stop using, but they are also necessary for the production of business equipment, once the shutdown enterprises will face shutdown. Looking at business owners anxious eyes and counties actively discussing with the city center expert special inspection, and according to regulations, to quickly determine a set of effective programs and promptly inform each enterprise.

Through contact with the surrounding counties and cities to understand the relevant units of the boiler fuel change fees and counties take the initiative and boiler companies approached agreed upon with the use of rehabilitation programs, a significant reduction in transformation costs. Up to now, Qingyang County has completed 12 boiler fuel change work, the cumulative cost of more than 60 million.

Briefly, the condensing combined water tube boilers in africa is provided in the flue gas by condensation recovery tail, before the high temperature flue gas is discharged outside the boiler, through the first condensation recovery, a large amount of flue gas waste heat is recovered again, the boiler back into use, implementation of the device efficient operation.