hospital vacuum boiler dealer

Henan party fast fuel gas hospital vacuum boiler dealer characteristics of vacuum - What are the main characteristics of the vacuum boiler Henan party fast vacuum hot water boiler: the so-called fast Henan square vacuum hot water boiler, also known as Henan party fast phase-change vacuum hot water boiler. Inside the medium pressure in the boiler is lower than atmospheric pressure refers to the normal operation, the boiler is heated by a cold phase change heat mode. ①, do not need to monitor the installation, the installation can be used; ②, a machine, saving investment; ③, non-corrosive (oxygen-free state in a vacuum), no cracks, no scars drum, not squib, long life (using the minimum strength is generally not less than 20 years life); ④, low failure rate, saving management costs; ⑤, lower than atmospheric pressure work, high safety; ⑥, using brass, stainless steel tube heat exchanger, sanitary water; ⑦, lower than normal operating temperature of the boiler, the heat exchanger temperature and pressure, high thermal efficiency, energy saving; ⑧, microcomputer control, a high degree of automation.

"Vacuum" refers to an automatic vacuum apparatus and the pressure inside the hospital vacuum boiler dealer is lower than the outside atmospheric pressure is low with water a low boiling point characteristic, rapid heating of the heat medium water, increase the heat transfer rate.

Vacuum hospital vacuum boiler dealer Workflow workflow vacuum boiler, heat generating device (burner) serving energy, is first sucked into the water wall heat transfer by radiation, the latent heat of water boiling water wall, a large number of outbreaks occur moisture vapor influx drum separately, poured into saturated steam superheater generated coupler, the head continues to inhale and horizontal flue furnace, the flue gas through the flue gas duct terminal energy radiation, siphon pattern, and the superheated steam reaches the high operating temperature set. Basic power generation boiler is also provided with a secondary heater safety, as the heat conduction after the high pressure steam treatment tank, the heater reheating steam treated again in the secondary pressure cylinder continues processing power. In General, it is sucked into the vacuum boiler burning diesel kinetic energy so that a portion of the water caused by the standard (e.g., pressure, higher temperature) of the steam device. Vacuum boiler can be divided into two parts and the furnace pot, the pot is a metal material storage containers, diesel burning furnace portion, the pot water sucked into the furnace burning diesel fuel energy into steam, the basic process and burn almost boiling water, then pot kettle, stove tantamount fire stove.

Our environmental management efforts continue to increase, located in Wuhai City of Inner Mongolia is also actively respond to national policies, by removing, shutting down non-compliance of the measures within the jurisdiction of coal-fired hospital vacuum boiler dealers, etc., to improve air quality within the city.

Recently, a reporter to follow the staff Haibo Bay Area environmental monitoring brigade, examined the case of shutting down coal-fired boilers in rural areas. Trinidad town in Wuhai unity Village, coal-fired boiler is the main source of heat in the village residents, schools, hospitals in the town and airport, but because they do not meet environmental requirements, the boiler has been officially shut down at the end of 2018. Haibo Bay Area Environmental Protection Agency environmental monitoring battalion to us to: "Removing the boiler is 20 tons of steam coal-fired boilers, each heating season about to burn more than 3,000 tons of coal in accordance with the municipal government requirements. within the deadline 20 tons of steam boilers to be all removed, replaced with clean energy. since November 2018, this block of sea area has access to a central heating all children. "

So far in 2013, Wuhai City in strict accordance with regulatory requirements grid, earnestly implement the responsibility of inspectors on-site supervision, and has eliminated 20 tons of steam coal-fired boilers for heating and tea bath furnace 791 units, of which 2018 out of 58 units. Meanwhile, municipal and district environmental protection departments at all levels to increase on-site law enforcement and ensure that the boiler is no longer out of the resurgence. Up to now, it has no built-up area of ​​Wuhai City and 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers to achieve a stable discharge standards.