industrial vertical steam boilers in Asia

Heating boiler with hot water boiler or industrial vertical steam boilers in asia is better? Whether hot water boilers or steam boilers are heat output devices, to provide hot water and steam. The minimum tonnage of industrial heating boiler now offers fast boiler is 99KW vertical hot water boiler, the largest is 80 tons SZS type hot water boiler pipes. Whether large or small boiler boiler, pollutant emissions are well below national limits, ensure that customers use the boiler, no environmental worries decades. There is a problem many users heating, heating boiler with hot water boiler steam boiler good or better? Fast boiler to answer your questions, at present, less to do with steam heating boiler heating mode, if the heat source is steam, but also use more heat exchangers do mediation, but also hot water to reach the final users do cooling medium. The plants do, while for the production of steam, the steam does not need to break off, heating of buildings or workshop. Here's a look of steam boiler heating it. 1, the temperature rise is too fast, the radiator cold and hot temperatures, easy to leak; 2, the pressure rise is too fast, the heat sink is likely to cause metal fatigue, reduced life, are likely to cause the radiator burst; 3, the radiator surface temperature is too high , easy to burn the people, but also result in poor weather conditions indoors, house dust exploded above the radiator, resulting in blackening the wall above the sink; 4, if the heating steam heating pipe before sending ineffective, when feeding the steam will cause water hammer, the water in the radiator is formed under the impact of water vapor hammer, impact radiator and pipes, noisy, then affect the rest of the night, but also damage the radiator and pipes; 5, the water heated in the boiler to absorb heat released fuel and the water molecules have to absorb some heat into steam, causing energy waste. In summary, compared to the heating and hot water boiler, steam heating boilers were not economic, risk, which is why in recent years the use of steam boiler when the heat source is less and less. We suggest that you use for heating hot water boilers, more cost-effective.

Hot water boiler is the essential equipment of our hotel, one of the parties to provide fast condensing pressure hot water boiler immediate operational effect. Our demand for environmentally friendly and out of the hotel itself, very high environmental performance requirements for boilers, party fast products fully meet our needs, the index after testing are in line with the relevant provisions of the State; with the outside atmospheric pressure remains stable sufficiently improved security index boiler, eliminating our worries. --customer feedback

Gas hot water boiler safe operation of the Code

Gas hot water boiler and heating water for people living essential energy equipment, because of its specificity performance of the need to comply with strict safety operation of the Code. Then, gas hot water boiler needs to run how to protect their safety performance?

1, after carefully checking gas hot water boiler water supply, drainage, gas pipe fittings, safety valve, pressure gauge, water level gauge is sensitive Haoshi before work, make sure it is safe to operate.

2, with both hands to manipulate when Sheung hand to open the door of water, whereupon the other hand the water injector and valve open, water flows naturally into the furnace. When stopped, the steam valve should be closed first, then turn off the water door, switch and valve, the front face must escape in order to avoid accidents caused by soft drinks out.

3, gas hot water boiler in operation, to pay attention to all parts of the check, and observe whether the water pressure in the normal range. Fireman can not leave their posts without permission, when night work, avoid dozing off, but not allowed to sleep, to avoid accidents. Boiler blowdown, a class must be properly adjusted before the sewage water level, slightly higher than the normal water level of 2/3 of the standard, then the sewage.

4, the water level table class must be flushed once. Flushing, according to a predetermined program, the first closing valve and open the drain valve, flushing steam valve, when attention is blocked steam origin; steam valve is then closed, when attention is blocked antecedents water. Flushing valve, until the water becomes steam, some a little longer, in order to guarantee no false water level. Hot water boiler fuel gas safety checks must be carried out to prevent the presence of explosive materials in the fuel to prevent the risk of explosion.

Energy saving waste heat recovery boiler

We,ZG boiler provide Energy saving waste heat recovery boiler for customers, which have paper industry waste heat boilers, waste heat boilers for cogeneration industry etc. Rsing energy costs and legal requirements for reductions in CO2 emissions demand efficient solutions, particularly in applications that consume a large amount of energy. One solution that can be effective is the recovery of energy from waste heat. Our innovative waste heat recovery boiler utilise existing energy sources in order to efficiently generate thermal heat, process heat or electricity. The advantage of waste heat boiler: High efficiency, low emissions, cost reductions and lower consumption of resources.