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20 tph SZS series gas-fired steam mushroom boiler sterilizer in india coal-to-gas project for paper industry

Industrial boiler is an important piece of equipment of the production line of the paper industry. High-temperature steam provides heat source for production processes such as steaming and drying. ZOZEN SZS series gas-fired boilers with excellent quality and outstanding performance have become the heat source equipment of many enterprises of the paper industry. This series of boiler adopts a D-type arrangement and water tube structure. The large-volume combustion chamber has good airproof and ensures complete combustion. Meanwhile, good quality alumina silicate fiber and fire clay insulation material are used to control the boiler body temperature below 45℃, which effectively reduces heat loss. Energy-saving devices are equipped at the end of the boiler to increase the thermal efficiency to above 98%. In addition, the SZS series gas-fired boilers are easy to operate. Advanced PLC intelligent control systems with various protection functions such as automatic water supply, program ignition, over-temperature control and over-pressure control can reduce costs for enterprises.

Autumn occasion fruits. September 2 this year, China-Africa Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit smooth opening of the meeting, determine Dongfang Electric Power signed with Egypt Egypt Hanna Wei six 1100MW of clean coal combustion and coal pier supporting the EPC project general contract. The project is currently the world's largest clean coal projects, but also Chinese enterprises for the first time will have ultra-supercritical clean coal technologies with independent intellectual property rights to the world.

1100MW, is the world's largest single coal units capacity. Egypt Hanna Wei 6 × 1100MW coal-fired power plant will clean 6 stand-alone capacity of 1100MW coal machine components, which will become the world's largest clean coal power plant. The total size of the project is about $ 4.4 billion. Joint venture will work final contract negotiations and other business and financing as soon as possible with the Egyptian company.

The project won the bid total amount (by share of joint venture company 50% equity share calculation) accounted for about 18% of the company's 2017 annual revenue, the company will confirm the actual sales income in accordance with the implementation of the project.

The project will be built in the Red Sea tourist area, demanding for clean and green. The power plant project hosts supplier Dongfang Electric and Shanghai Electric said its independent research and hosts will use the world's most advanced high-performance ultra-supercritical power generation technology and near-zero emissions of environmental technology. Advanced technology is mainly reflected in the high-efficiency coal-fired power generation. From the current standards, the national coal requirements will kilowatt needed to control the 300 g or less, and this project per kilowatt coal consumption less than 280 grams, the thermoelectric efficiency of up to 45%.

Egypt was among the first to support one of the countries "along the way" initiative in China. The project will also "along the way" along the clean coal-fired power station construction played a good role model, and further promote the high-end manufacturing to promote the development of China's power sector outwards.

With the continuous improvement of our environmental protection requirements continue to increase, and science and technology, gas mushroom boiler sterilizer in indias are widely used in various fields of production needs, gradually replaced the traditional coal-fired boilers, presents its own unique characteristics, not only on the effectiveness of the significantly improved, the operation is relatively easy. Fast boiler for everyone on details of this attractive three modern high-quality gas-fired boiler characteristics.

Generally,There are two main types industry mushroom boiler sterilizer in india used in power plant in Australia.One type is chain grate boiler and another is CFB technology boiler.With the development of the energy saving concept,CFB technology for power plant is becoming more popular in Australia.