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According to statistics, Zhejiang Province, coal consumption totaled 145.91 million tons, accounting for 56.8% of primary energy consumption in the province. Although after careful environmental management, but the main coal-dominated energy consumption remains high in the province's total emissions of air pollutants. In the "Zhejiang Air Pollution Control Action Plan (2013-2017)" issued in December 2013, the coal-fired pollution control remains a top priority.

According to "Zhejiang low-carbon development" Thirteen Five "plan", as of 2020, the province's proportion of non-fossil energy sources will be increased to about 20%, the proportion of the total coal consumption should be reduced to around 42%.

June 15 this year, Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group ironworks blast furnace in the chimney successful blasting, declared the "three noes" no way to urban development of Hangzhou steel companies, no coal-fired generating units, there is no standard yellow car.

To control pollution from coal-fired source, Zhejiang Province, facing elimination from the transformation of the boiler parties policy, funding, pricing, comprehensive resources supporting the work in 2015, 2016, 2017 were given every right out of steam coal-fired boilers tons 15,000 yuan, 12,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan subsidy funds.

To eliminate 10 tons of steam / hour of coal-fired boilers, in October 2014, Zhuji City, party and government "leaders" personally took, within three months, through the introduction of reward and subsidy standards, regular assessment and other measures, the city's 1964 stage production behind coal-fired boiler demolition 1508 units, 390 units to natural gas or electricity, and the rest use biomass fuel, gas tank or centralized heating, completed the task of transformation. It is estimated that, this year more than 500 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions.

After a clear goal, the province's coal-fired boiler (kiln) transformation to accelerate out of the furnace. According to statistics, in the first half of this year, Zhejiang Province eliminate small coal-fired boilers 6200 Taiwan, has completed 77.5% of the annual task of eliminating.

Why should the boiler machine cheap selling pickling? How pickling? The main purpose is to remove pickling boiler evaporated in the boiler heating surface iron, copper dirt, impurities such as dissolved iron, but also eliminate the effect of the silica, scale and the like. The pickling process is essentially a process of etching the inner surface layer, it is divided into two kinds of circulation pickling acid and allowed to stand. 1, the circulation of boiler waterwall acid is divided into several loops, after pickling flush water. First water was heated to 40 ~ 50 ℃, then use of cyclic dosing, adding acid. I.e., inhibitor before adding, until uniform, using pickling acid pump from the lower header of a group of injection water wall, the drum after being discharged from the lower header of another set of water wall. In order to ensure good pickling effect, the acid should be greater than the flow rate of 0.3m / s. In order not to flow into the superheater acid, pickling acid level in the drum should be maintained at a lower level visible. 2, standing pickling. Acid with an acid is injected into the pump from the water wall lower header, and maintain a certain height, a puddle is discharged after 4h. And also alkali and washed with water after pickling, so that all contact with the metal surface to give an acid basified.

The advantage of using complete condensation of the gas low nitrogen boiler machine cheap selling: condensing boiler refers to the latent heat part sensible heat and condensation of water vapor released by the high temperature flue gas to absorb discharged boiler by using an efficient condensing heat recovery device, so as to improve the thermal efficiency boiler, reducing Objective of the exhaust gas temperature.

Heat, power plant boiler machine cheap selling feed water issues: medium-sized boiler electricity, heat industry, due to the high operating parameters, because the original boiler shutdown caused by burst pipes and other economic losses, a huge social impact, so the quality requirements of the particular boiler feed water high (utility boiler water quality requirements, the resistivity> 5MΩ.CM, SiO2 <20μg / L). General power plants, thermal water centers have been set up of the plant, boiler feed water to be treated.