bricklaying mortar for boiler

20 tons of gas steam bricklaying mortar for boiler introduce 20 tons of gas boiler can be divided into WNS and SZS natural gas steam boiler steam boiler. Selling models WNS20-1.25-Y (Q), SZS20-1.25-Q, SZS20-1.6-Y (Q). Applications: large-scale central heating, residents of the winter heating gas boiler 20 tons of gas consumption: 20 tons of gas boiler, for example, 20 tons of gas boiler power of 14MW, the heat value of fuel 35.53MJ / Nm3, Zheng pot production of gas calorific value boiler efficiency was between 92% to 90%. Then, 20 tons of gas boiler gas consumption is: 14MW * 3600s / 35.53MJ / Nm3 / 92% = 1541m3 / h. After 1,20 tons of gas steam boiler used for some time: it can be seen from the formula one ton gas-fired boiler air consumption is 1541m3 / h, then, x-ton ​​gas-fired boiler air consumption = x * 80m3 / boiler maintenance considerations can h , when the shutdown of the boiler should let the water out, especially in winter, if you do not turn on the water treatment, it is likely to frozen pipes and storage tanks, shortening the life of the boiler. 2, timely repair or replacement in order to prevent the boiler safety accessory is a security incident, required timing detection boiler safety accessories, such as a safety valve, water gauge, pressure gauge, etc., there is a problem. 3, when a boiler failure, the need for timely shutdown, and notify service personnel of the boiler manufacturer for professional maintenance, use and repair companies must not own, in order to avoid unnecessary losses. 4, boilers are generally mounted with sewage plant, the bottom of the boiler blowdown is very important in preventing flue gas condensation. Meanwhile, in order to prevent the boiler electrochemical corrosion, cathodic protection measures must be taken. 20 tons of gas boiler technical parameters: Furnace: SZS20-1.6-Q desired amount of steam: 20 tons of steam rated steam pressure: 1.6MPa rated steam temperature: 194 deg.] C water temperature: thermal efficiency of 104 ℃: 92% air consumption: 1450 kg applicable fuel: natural gas

The precipitate precipitated above forms the scale on the heating surface of the bricklaying mortar for boiler. The higher the temperature, the more easily the hard scale is formed. The thermal conductivity of the scale is very poor, and its thermal conductivity is tens to hundreds times smaller than that of the boiler steel plate, so the boiler scaling will seriously hinder the heat transfer and cause the following hazards: 1 waste of fuel, reduce output. After scaling, boiler heat transfer will be seriously affected, thermal efficiency will be reduced, steam output will be reduced, and fuel consumption will be increased. 2 easy to cause accidents and affect safe operation. After fouling on the heated surface, the heat of the metal is difficult to heat transfer to the pot because of the obstruction of the scale, resulting in a sharp increase in the temperature of the metal wall. When the temperature exceeds the allowable temperature that the metal can bear, the strength of the metal decreases significantly. This will lead to metal overheating deformation, serious will cause bulging, cracks, and even burst pipe accidents. If scale is formed in the water pipe, the flow cross-section area will be reduced, the flow resistance of water will be increased, the normal water circulation will be destroyed, and the pipe will be completely blocked or the pipe burst accident will be caused when the pipe is serious. 4 causes corrosion under scale and shortens boiler life. Boiler scaling will also cause corrosion under the scale and other hazards. Some boilers with compact structure or complicated structure are difficult to remove once the heating surface is scalded. When serious, they have to adopt repair measures such as digging and replacing pipes, which will not only cost a lot of money, but also cause serious damage to the heated surface. All of these hazards will greatly shorten the service life of the boiler. In addition, after boiler scaling, the cleaning and maintenance time, cost and workload will be increased, which will affect production, reduce the effective utilization rate of boiler, and reduce the economy.

Electric bricklaying mortar for boiler and boiler guarantee its own security needs to pay attention to what the electric boiler electric energy, safety performance is the current boiler products, reliability, controllability, good degree of automation, as well as simple operation. So, boiler and electric boiler to protect its own security needs to pay attention to what electric boilers guarantee their own security and what issues need attention:? 1, in general, small electric boiler is to boost electricity supply your heating and hot water supply, compared to gas-fired boiler, to secure more, nothing dangerous. 2, before operating the electric boiler must be carefully read the product manual, in strict accordance with the instructions. Carefully check the water, power and voltage to ensure that no anomalies before a small electric boiler start, the water supply valve open the drain valve closed, check whether the pump has the situation stuck; when the electric boiler malfunctions and needs repair, be sure to turn off the power; 3, small electric boiler to keep clean and dry. To regularly check the safety of the electrical components of the boiler inspection to ensure flexibility, each year must go to the local quality and technical supervision departments of the big test.

Since November, the Hulun Buir City, Inner Mongolia Special Equipment Inspection conducted inspection operation in the southern region of the Greater Xing'an Mountains in the bricklaying mortar for boiler, the number of test boiler total of 44 units.

The inspection work will strictly follow the "Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" and "boiler regular inspection rules" to. For affiliated found during inspection instruments and safety accessories not check and did not check after the expiration of other safety hazards at the scene told directly using the unit, and issued a "special equipment inspection and opinions notice" to avoid a security incident in the boiler during operation .