coal fired greenhouse boiler water tube manufacturers

Effect of coal fired greenhouse boiler water tube manufacturers fine coal combustion boiler operating principle is to use thermal energy or heat in industrial post fuel released by combustion is transferred to the water in the container, the temperature or pressure of the water reaches a certain desired steam heating equipment. Many people will feel that coal-fired boiler more detailed the better, but is it really? From a combustion point of view, the finer coal particles more easily form a good mixing with the air, the more complete the combustion. But the coal particles too small, for boilers, milling power consumption will be greatly increased. Industrial boiler, the coal into the furnace too small, there will be the following questions: 1, coal leakage losses, etc. from grate gap increased. 2, boiler grate to be at full speed, power consumption increases. 3, fly ash, fuel loss increases. 4, a coal burning ember i.e., unstable combustion, furnace volume heat load difficult to sustain stable. So the boiler when using fine particles of coal, coal is subject to how much water, raw coal water, play groups and then into the furnace. If the burning coal of 8 to 12h before the water, so that the penetration of moisture into the interior of the coal particles is better. Water vapor produced is moistened triatomic gases, flue gas can strengthen radiation, facilitate ignition, exhaust and reduce heat loss

Obtain these honors the nation's largest gas-fired coal fired greenhouse boiler water tube manufacturers lab, China's first ultra-low nitrogen boiler FGR, China's first largest shell type boilers are inseparable from the party's determination to quickly adhere to independent innovation and square fast people keep trying. China Industrial Boiler Association statistics show that side quickly clean fuel boiler annual sales amount of the first nation. Last year, the company's sales revenue grew 39%, products in short supply.

Green space to install the coal fired greenhouse boiler water tube manufacturers needs to meet what conditions environmental protection boiler room should generally be set separately, but can not be located in crowded places. Should be a boiler room, two building fire resistance rating, and not the total coal-fired boiler given evaporation amount of not more than 4 tons per hour fire resistance rating of the building can be three, it should be noted that the chimney and the roof structure of combustible the distance between, not less than 5O cm. Environmental protection boiler room should select leeward or downwind side in the main building. It may be determined and the spacing between the fire around flammable, hazardous buildings, and the coal pile and boiler room, boiler room and oil tank in accordance with the relevant provisions reserves "architectural design for fire protection" is performed. Environmental protection boiler room should be used generally should not exceed 12O kilograms per square meter of roof light area for relief. When the boiler room is arranged as a multilayer, each layer should have both at least one outlet, and the layers have direct security staircases point operation. Leading to the boiler room doors should open outwards outdoor, studio or living room door of the boiler should be open, all entrances and channels should be kept open. However, with the adjoining boiler room regulator, separated by a firewall application, its windows and doors should open outwards, and not leading directly to the boiler room. Environmental slag location to select the appropriate venue, surrounded by the best masonry walls. In the range of 25 meters around the boiler room, not allowed to build buildings or flammable combustible materials piled up. Environmental boiler power lines should be used metal sleeve or cable, not laid along the surface of the heating medium, nor by the coal yard. Indoor prohibit stacking combustible materials. Environmental chamber should be provided with fire boiler water supply equipment, fire suppression systems, fire suppression equipment, and the like according to need.

Industrial coal fired greenhouse boiler water tube manufacturers energy saving measures which industrial boiler energy saving measures which first of all, improve boiler regulations and standards. Speed ​​up the boiler, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing license conditions and modify Management for registration of technical supervision and management of energy-saving regulations, boilers, boiler design document recognition rules, regulations and technical specifications, energy saving and environmental protection index as a boiler manufacturing license, registration, design review compulsory requirements, strict implementation of energy-saving boiler design document review and styling products test system energy efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, does not meet the safety requirements of the boiler, banning the production, sale and use, improve energy saving boiler threshold. Second, it increases energy-saving technology, new product development and promotion efforts. Key recommendations to improve the structure and level of technology stacks chain furnace exhaust combustion equipment, small boiler gasification combustion technology research and product development, coal-fired industrial boiler control technology research and product development. Development of gas condensing boilers, industrial boilers and energy-saving effect evaluation software audit, accounting boiler energy statistics and analysis system software research and development and other technical development work, through financial subsidies to accelerate the application of high efficiency energy saving boiler. Third, eliminate the old, inefficient boilers. Revision of coal-fired industrial boilers and energy-efficient economic operation, environmental protection and minimum limits of the system. The establishment of the old boilers, boiler inefficiencies out of the update mechanism, instead of a small boiler with a large boiler, instead of the low boiler parameters with high parameter boiler, instead of coal-fired boiler with a gas boiler or biomass boilers in the conditional area, thus greatly improving the energy efficiency. Safety of the boiler. The fourth is to strengthen the transformation of energy saving boiler. To improve the level of energy saving and environmental protection and industrial boilers fired boiler system, the automatic control system of the coal-fired industrial boilers, combustion optimization, heat recovery, frequency control, efficient desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal has been transformed, to improve the fuel water quality coal industrial boilers. Fifth, strengthen energy-saving knowledge management and boiler operators training. Boiler establish user management system, including energy-saving target assessment system, strengthen energy-saving boiler technical training of management personnel.