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The partnership, fast community hot water vacuum boiler manufacturers for the user responsible attitude to have left a deep impression on our fireman boiler operation is not very skilled, fast deliberately sent a party of professional and technical personnel for our on-site supervision of installation, commissioning and training to ensure that the latter can operate our good boiler fireman. --customer feedback

How water steam community hot water vacuum boiler manufacturerss operate normally do? Steam boiler design are generally employed in three return, wet back, eccentric furnace, boiler structural asymmetry in different forms will have its own unique characteristics and operating modes. It has its own certain operating principle. Some recent abnormal weather, snow days is not haze, then, in this weather, water steam boiler how to run it properly? Water steam boiler and a double pipe with a single tube, is usually the case. And the suction pressure of several type, the more suction applied single-tube, by the housing, the steam nozzle, water nozzle, check pad, the exit nozzle and the mixing nozzle of several components. Simple injection operation, facilitating means. Suction head of 2 meters, temperature does not exceed 40 ℃. When need to open the first water steam boiler steam valve a little, so that a small amount of water vapor into the device, vapor discharged from the nozzle, near the mouth of the vapor with the vapor into the air, with the overflow discharge valve, a vacuum is formed within the water, a water tank by atmospheric pressure by the suction pipe into the water injector. Increase the degree of opening of the steam valve, large amounts of steam into the mix mixing mouth with water. Mixed water vapor kinetic energy obtained at high speed into the nozzle. Since the nozzle diameter is gradually expanded, mixed water to slow down, the pressure increased to greater than the pressure within the drum, the drum into the valve open. Steam boiler at the same time we must pay attention to it on a regular basis take care of themselves. These are the processes related to operation of steam boilers small series to introduce you in the operation of the water injector and methods.

Food plant causes corrosion and the effects after stopping the community hot water vacuum boiler manufacturers factors: food factory after disabling boiler corrosion causes and influencing factors after food factory boiler shutdown, with decreasing pressure and temperature inside the boiler steam condenses into water, boiler a vacuum inside, the outside air leaks into the furnace, the oxygen and water vapor in the vapor state. Metal is prone to corrosion. Boiler structure, if you do not take some measures to stop the use of corrosion is inevitable. For example, can not be discharged superheater superheater water. When the internal heating surface has a water-soluble metal salt scale, when it absorbs water, will form a high concentration solution of salt, which will aggravate the etching stopper, internal corrosion is formed ulceration. Often this is the entrance to the superheater. Because the separated saturated steam upon entering the superheater boiler always carry a small amount of water, the saturated vapor absorption heat upon entering the superheater, the boiler water is evaporated into steam, boiler water salt deposited on the inner wall of the superheater. Heater inlet pipe.

Vacuum hot water community hot water vacuum boiler manufacturers fuel gas introduced fuel gas vacuum hot water boiler uses water at different pressures, the boiling temperature characteristics differ to perform work. At one atmosphere, the boiling temperature of water is 100 deg.] C, vacuum hot water unit is operating in the pressure range below -0.02Mpa, corresponding to the heat medium water temperature is below 93 deg.] C, the hot water unit working in vacuo under pressure, the combustion temperature of the heat medium water saturation temperature to rise, and the steam generated in the water at the same temperature. At this time, through the heat exchanger (heating or hot water) inside the water, the cold water in the steam tube outer tube is heated in hot water, and passed to the user, and the water steam outside the pipe is cooled when the water is condensed back to water drops heating, thus completing the cycle. Categories; vacuum boiler is mainly classified by the fuel, which can be divided into electrically heated vacuum boiler, vacuum boiler fuel, gas steam boiler, coal-fired boilers in vacuo. Advantages: 1, low-temperature boiler operation under negative pressure, safe and reliable. 2, built-in stainless steel heat exchangers, high heat transfer efficiency, clean water. 3, the built-in rope stream smoke tube sheet, increasing the heat transfer effect, make the structure more compact. 4, imported burner, combustion efficiency, noise, emissions extremely low countries and regions requires a class. 5, a square overall configuration, overall spraying, compact appearance. 6, smoke tube equipped with a helical spoiler, heat strengthen, improve boiler efficiency and reduce operating costs. 7, the indirect heating: main body of negative pressure, the system pressure. 8, large furnace technology: effectively increase the unit radiant heating area, reducing NOX emissions. 9, boiler water with high water, ensure that the internal furnace never scaling, corrosion. 10, boiler and heat exchanger integrated design, saves space and greatly reduce floor space. 11, the use of shell type three return all wet back structure, dynamic heating, heat sufficiently. 12, always run under negative pressure, never inflated the risk of explosion, with safety and reliability atmospheric pressure boiler has unmatched. 13, automatic control system, no special duty. 14, imported burner, combustion efficiency, noise, emissions low. 15, the pulse level detection circuit of a unique structure, reliable performance. 16, inlet / outlet water temperature display makes it easier to grasp the boiler operating conditions and systems. 17, using centrifugal glass wool advanced multilayer insulation, heat loss. Scope: a heat source for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning heat load. Especially suitable for use where the boiler must be set in the building. Choice points: a vacuum hot water boiler The main control parameter is selected rated thermal power, the thermal efficiency of the boiler design, maximum water temperature, fuel type and the like. 2. The thermal efficiency of the chosen design should not be below the lower limit specified in (JB / T10094-2002) "industrial boiler General" (Table 1), and energy-related standards prescribed value.