fp 258 110v electric water boiler for bathroom

Siting and construction in gas boiler room of many users think that as long as gas boilers selected for their own business needs everything will be fine, it is not true, to build a suitable boiler boiler room is also very important, which is related to the initial investment, system design , operation and management as well as security and other issues. Currently more popular for use in gas-fired boiler, we'll talk about how to design its boiler room, but also pay attention to what the problem. 1, boiler room of a comprehensive site selection to the type of gas, boiler capacity, operating pressure, supply and return water temperature, the system in the form of building types and other factors to consider. "Architectural design code for fire protection" (GB50016-2006) "fire protection design of tall buildings" (GB50045-95) (2005 "Hot Water Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" (Labor pan word [1997] No. 7) Comprehensive OK. If the boiler when there is room to install local standards, local standards, it should also take into account the best gas boiler room set in separate buildings on the ground; and if subject to conditions, needs connected with the main building or set in the basement of the main building, semi-basement, first floor, when the top and middle floor, needs the approval of the local fire, safety supervision and environmental protection departments, after passing the order to begin construction. gas boiler room is strictly prohibited directly located in the crowded gathering space (such as public bathrooms, classrooms, audience when the hall, shops, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.), we can not build near the main evacuation port. new boiler room and the house should not be connected with other buildings adjacent to the boiler room, which is adjacent to the wall as a firewall. boiler room floor should smooth step-free, and water should be prevented. as provided in the boiler room basement layers or semi-high-rise building or a first layer, while it must meet the following conditions : Rated evaporation each boiler does not exceed 10t / h, rated vapor pressure does not exceed 1.6MPa Each boiler must have a reliable overpressure protection device interlock and bottom water level interlock protection device between the boiler building structure should be. corresponding seismic measures. fireman independent operations must hold the appropriate level of operating permits fireman and continuous operation of the same class boiler more than five years, had the accident not occurred. .7 evacuation routes must be safe, because the condition is limited, the boiler needs to be set in the basement, middle or top-floor high-rise buildings or multi-layer, prior consent of the city, prefecture-level and above safety watchdog agreed in addition to meeting the above requirements, it must also meet: rated evaporation each boiler is not more than 4t / h, rated vapor pressure does not exceed 1.6MPa. must be oil, gas as a fuel or electric heating boiler. the fuel supply line connected to the use of welding backing. the above is fast boiler for your summary gas boiler room location and building, for your reference and understanding. in general, the need to build a boiler room boiler manufacturers and boiler installation company with, and by the need to After the approval of the relevant departments had to formally started, mainly taking into account the special nature and risk of the gas boiler.

First, before regularly shutting down boilers and inspecting electric furnaces, the following three aspects of preparation should be done: The main contents are as follows: (1) consult the technical file of boiler retrofit electric furnace registration and understand the use of boiler retrofit electric furnace. In order to make the boiler reform electric furnace inside and outside inspection, the general need to know: boiler transformation electric furnace design, manufacturing, installation situation; boiler transformation electric furnace transformation situation; boiler transformation electric furnace operation history and use situation; Boiler retrofit electric furnace water treatment, boiler rules and regulations implementation, and so on.

2) the preparation for stopping the furnace before inspection. First, according to the maintenance schedule, the furnace shutdown date is arranged, and then the boiler revamping electric furnace is shut down according to the normal shut-down procedure, so that the furnace is slowly frustrated. The cooling method can be adopted by injecting gas to dissipate the sinking water, replacing the furnace water for cooling, and cooling by ventilation in the in-line furnace. When the temperature of the furnace water drops to 70 ℃ 80 ℃, the water can be discharged. Open all the doors. When opening the door hole, prevent warm water, steam suddenly spurts out to burn people. The steam, feed water and sewage pipes in the furnace are separated from the corresponding pipes in the boiler revamping furnace in operation. The baffle used for partition should be strong enough to avoid being bulged out by high pressure media. Break position Clear instructions should be given. The flue which is connected with other boiler revamping electric furnaces should also be reliably separated. In addition, it is necessary to remove the soot and scale on the heating surface of the boiler retrofit electric furnace.

3) preparation of inspection tools and lighting. In order to ensure smooth inspection work, inspectors should prepare the necessary instruments, tools, gauges and safe and reliable lighting.

Chinese wine culture has a long history, wine blend. In the process of making wine, almost all wine prices are inseparable from the brewing process steam, we can say the stability and quality of steam purity of the wine production plays a decisive role. Lefort Wine has been committed to producing high-quality wine products, December 2016 No. 1, Lefort wine and I signed a one 4 tons of steam condensing steam boilers, the company continues to provide high-quality wine work steam.

According to fuel (electricity, oil, gas), oil-fired gas boiler can be divided into three kinds: electric steam boiler, oil-fired steam boiler and gas-fired steam boiler. According to the structure can be divided into vertical steam boilers, horizontal steam boilers, small and medium-sized steam boilers are mostly single, double-return vertical structure, large-scale steam boilers are mostly three-way horizontal structure. The following is the boiler pressure fire shutdown time more than 6 hours, the boiler main steam valve should be closed after a period of pressing fire, opening the superheater outlet header drain valve, to cool the superheater. If the air pressure rises after the main steam valve is closed, it can be used to lower the pressure of the boiler by feeding the water into the boiler and simultaneously discharging the water. Press. When the boiler resumes operation, it needs to go through the pressure rise and protect step 2. There is still steam pressure in the pot during the shutdown period of the pressure fire, so it is still necessary to pay attention to monitoring and make the boiler keep the allowable water level 3, the boiler with cast iron gas saving gas, after the boiler stops feed water, The gas-saving flue baffle shall be closed, the side-hearth baffle opened or used in the circulating pipeline to stop the water temperature in the gas-saving area exceeding the specified value of 4, the proper discharge shall be carried out during the shut-down of the furnace under pressure fire, and the sediment in the furnace shall be excluded. The operation of circulating water pump should not be stopped immediately after the furnace shut down. The circulating water of network should be kept circulating in the system for a period of time, and the water temperature of boiler outlet should be lowered below 50oC. The operation of circulating water pump can not be stopped until the operation of circulating pump is stopped.