harga steam boiler maxitherm

Cause 150 tons of circulating fluidized bed boiler have advantages in high efficiency and low pollution, coal adaptability, strong load capacity, cost is relatively cheap, relatively easy to grasp etc, So 150 tons of circulating fluidized bed boiler has become one of the most practical clean coal combustion technology, and it developing rapidly.Compared with the traditional forms of power station boiler,using this technology can make S02 and N0x produced by coal fired power plant boiler reduced 80% ~ 90%,can effectively reduce coal-fired power generation for the atmospheric pollution of the environment.

Flue gas waste heat recovery system based on heat absorption: the absorption heat exchanger concept will be applied to flue gas heat recovery boiler of the gas, the process shown in Figure 1. In additional gas absorption heat pump with the boiler flue gas condensation heat exchanger, an absorption heat pump with natural gas as a drive power source, to generate cold medium, the cooling medium in the flue gas in the flue gas condensing heat exchanger, heat transfer process can be direct contact heat exchanger or an indirect heat exchanger, the exhaust gas temperature of the system dropped below the dew point, condensation of water vapor in the flue gas heat, flue gas heat recovery purposes and moisture. Backwater into the heating network is first heated by the absorption heat pump and then into a gas boiler after heating to a temperature designed to give out, completion of the heating process water heating network. Exhaust gas boiler into the bottom of the chimney, the draft fan is placed on top of flue gas condensation heat exchanger is withdrawn after mixing with the exhaust fumes into the absorption heat pump condensing heat exchanger, the exhaust system temperature is reduced to 30 ℃ vented to the atmosphere into the chimney after less. Out of the chimney flue gas between flue gas and returned to port additional partitions. Our experimental system using a direct contact heat exchanger flue gas condensation. With this technique enables efficient heating system (system for use with a low ratio of heat input into the system of a gas heat) increased by more than l0%. Currently the technology has been applied in Beijing GLD waste heat recovery boiler room engineering, Beijing bamboo plant waste heat recovery boiler project, achieved good energy saving effect. This incremental investment techniques (including absorption heat pump investment, flue gas condensation heat exchanger and related pumps, valves and other equipment) can be recovered usually within 3a.

Recently, Wuhan City, introduced in 2019 to embrace the blue sky action plan for speeding up the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, promote the optimization of energy structure adjustment, implementation of transportation restructuring, deepen industrial pollution control and other tasks proposed solution.

Among them, in terms of optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, we will study and formulate more stringent industry access threshold, no new heavy chemical and paper industry projects within 1 km of the Yangtze River and Hanjiang River shoreline. Strict implementation of ecological protection red line, the bottom line of environmental quality, resource utilization on the line, environmental access a list of constraints.

In optimizing the energy structure, the city's ban on new coal-fired generating units, supporting the construction of new projects is prohibited owned coal-fired power stations, will not be new coal-fired boilers. Increase efforts to promote green buildings, new buildings full implementation of green building standards. In deepening the industrial pollution control, referring to Beijing and Xi'an subsidies, launched a comprehensive transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler. Before the end of 2019, the district completed at least 50% of the area within the low-nitrogen transformation tasks 10 steam tons / hour or more gas-fired boiler.

More economical harga steam boiler maxitherm can play a role in energy saving produced by the steam boiler is high-pressure gaseous, during use, a large amount of steam can be generated, so the use of the pressure vessel, in which a related aspect there is a certain provisions, whether used or installed must comply with some aspects, and apply the relevant evidence, but also to accept the annual inspection. This boiler used in the printing and medical care more. If the hot water boiler is produced, so it is not pressurized container, are often used in our lives, is relatively small in terms of investment, use of the process, management costs are very low, of course, will be more secure. Some schools or community-related, may also be related to the use of this method of heating water, relatively speaking, it will be more convenient. Steam boiler in the structure, allowing fuel to burn more fully, and in the process run more stable, can really improve efficiency, which would allow users to better reduce costs, the whole of it will be more use more protection. Many places are in use, can play a role in energy saving, and relatively more economical, so that it can use real protection. From the analysis of the specific works, the use of the process, the main heating device to release heat, then by a certain conversion, a large amount of steam, and the steam trap correlate. Use of the process, increasing the temperature of the steam is then able to reach the required temperature. This works, this works can improve work efficiency, and truly play a better role. Structure and principles of steam boilers, this area will affect the future use, advance the understanding of the relevant circumstances are, and have the knowledge of the whole of use, which for us will have more benefits, so be sure to do ahead of time to consider. Before purchasing equipment, we have to confirm in advance that these circumstances device, so that it can ensure that the specific choice of fruit, you can also make use of the process more smoothly. Different devices are not the same in construction and principle, let me use the process, there will be different results. Structure and principles of steam boilers is what, to correctly do know these aspects, then the future in the selection process, will have a corresponding basis for these people to purchase provides choice, so we have to advance to do a good understanding.