lng gaa fired boiler specification

According to ZG, the technology it is supplying has been proven at 20 similar reference waste lng gaa fired boiler specification units, and has now been further adapted for improved corrosion resistant and service friendliness.

Industrial use of industrial lng gaa fired boiler specifications is a low-pressure boiler, but its internal thermal conductivity liquid temperature is very high, and most of the liquids are flammable and explosive, if in the work of industrial boilers are caused by the leakage of thermal conductive liquids, The possibility of causing fire or explosion is very dangerous, so the safety of industrial boiler operation is often worthy of being squarely faced. Because of its high temperature (more than 320 ℃), low voltage (0. 3-0.5MPa) range, the heating temperature can be precisely controlled, it can replace the original steam boiler heating. The heating temperature of industrial boiler can reach 350 ℃, and the heating temperature of molten salt furnace can reach 530 ℃. Because the burning ash of industrial gas-fired boiler fuel cannot be produced, if the mixture of gas and air is injected into the furnace, it may explode within a certain range. The heat transfer medium of petroleum and molten salt above 400 ℃ of boiler operation temperature has the advantage over the service life of molten salt, but the other aspects are at a significant disadvantage, especially in the complexity of the operation of the system.

Walking in the village, we can see that the sparse crowd, in front of the elderly chat and play with the children. Economic tide makes the village more than half of young workers out of the countryside towards the city diverse work environment also means that the child grows missing parental care. Walk to campus, low school buildings, overcrowded classrooms, lack of basic education all reflect the hardware of the mountains. The onset of winter, the mountains to cool the most obvious. The children in the hands of the cold and muddy drinking water, people can not help but feel bad. These difficulties and shortcomings, becoming fast lng gaa fired boiler specification barbs lie in the hearts of all the staff, long linger in the mind.

Boiler scale removal method: Once the lng gaa fired boiler specification end of the scale, dirt, will not only reduce the thermal efficiency, to the security of the system, the normal operation of hidden dangers, but also the water treatment agent can not arrive the metal surface and failure to accelerate the rate of corrosion of metal. Therefore, the timely removal of all kinds of scale is an important prerequisite to ensure the safety and life of the equipment! So what kind of approach can maximize the removal of the scale of it? The following describes the method of chemical cleaning of boiler scale introduced by fast boiler art.