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Condensing boiler gas consumption and what factors condensing boiler is the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient type of boiler, it can, while entering the Chinese market soon, but the rapid development momentum than ordinary energy-saving gas-fired boiler more than 30%, is a kind of high-end products. Energy-saving condensing boilers in gas consumption to reflect, then condensing boiler and gas consumption What does it matter? Condensing boiler with an example, look at the next bar. The main factors affecting gas boiler gas consumption as follows; → useful life generally cost a few years in the use of user fees than later, (the reason; building endotherm) high and low indoor temperature. → boiler set higher the temperature, the higher the room temperature, but gas consumption also increases. Layers toward the room. → usually on the top floor and a layer of gas consumption was relatively large, mainly due to losses caused by heat upstairs and downstairs without heating. Wall insulation performance. → an outer wall and the window better thermal insulation properties, to use the energy-condensing boilers. Surrounding whether heating. → such as upstairs or downstairs living without heating, then also affect the size of home heating gas consumption. The method used by the user is correct. → In a good product also needs proper handling and use, improper use as boiler will affect gas consumption. Calorific value of the product itself. → usually different brands of different calorific value, the higher the calorific value basis of international standards condensing boiler, use the more energy-efficient.

Fast boiler summarize the following three methods effective industrial cleaning gas boiler, as follows:

1, the mechanical descaling method

The outlet temperature of the hot water boiler should be lower than the corresponding saturation temperature at the operating pressure (ie, the vaporization temperature of the boiler water) below 20 °C.

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