boiler manufacturing college project

Oriental Hawaii Holiday Hotel is located in Xiaogan City of Hubei Province in accordance with international five-star hotel standard design, set business rooms, SPA bath, foot care, indoor spa and other facilities in one of the hotel. Hot water boiler manufacturing college project is one of the important facilities normal operation can not be separated. With the pace of Hubei Province in response to the national defense of the blue sky, the use of clean fuels gradually increase the proportion of Oriental Hawaii hotel provides visitors to the more perfect leisure experience a sense of the original wishing more polluted coal-fired boilers to replace clean and green gas-fired boiler. After comparing several vendors boiler industry, a number of R & D results very fast square value in the field of clean fuels, entered into a collaboration with the fast boiler. Fast boiler integrally provided a 1.4MW condensing pressure hot water boiler (CWNSL1.4-95 / 70-Y.Q) according to their actual needs. Put into use, fully meet the needs of Oriental Hawaii Holiday Hotel heating and hot water supply.

When the boiler manufacturing college project is running, only a few of the impurities brought into the boiler are carried away by saturated steam, and most of them remain in the boiler water. As the furnace water continues to evaporate, concentrate, as follows. Answer: when the salt content of boiler water exceeds a certain value at the end, there is little effect on steam quality, but when the salt content of boiler water exceeds a certain value, the influence on steam quality increases obviously.

Gas-fired boiler manufacturing college project system, the burner may burn out the reason: gas boiler heating system has a lot of auxiliary burner is one very important auxiliary. During heating, the burner there are many cases burned, the burned reasons include the following:

The steam boiler manufacturing college project can be equipped with laundry equipment to clean clothes and dry quickly. Hot water boilers are mostly used to supply hot water and heating. The hot water boiler equipment delivers hot water through the hot water pipe network to the showers and sinks in each room of the hotel, providing 24-hour hot water service for the passengers.