cold rolled for boiler plate

Share steam electric cold rolled for boiler plate how to deal with water shortage: the machine will be this or that problem in use for some time, a serious delay the progress of work, causing great inconvenience to the people, such as water shortages, the question arises, electric boilers after a period of water shortage in how people deal with how to solve it.

The low ash fusion temperature of many solid fuels prevents use with conventional combustion systems because the higher combustion temperatures result in the formation of slag on cold rolled for boiler plate heat transfer surfaces. The need to overcome these difficulties when using lowgrade, less expensive fuels has led to the development of fluidized bed combustion systems. Presently, there are two distinct types of fluidized bed boilers in commercial operation: bubbling bed and circulating bed.

Flameout protection device is a flame detector and the solenoid valves and other components, when the solenoid valve (no explosion) should not be in direct contact with the gas, flame protection means shall also include a pneumatic valve controlled by a solenoid valve, is a flame monitoring Safety Devices the key device; flame detectors currently used are mainly two: one is monitoring the UV flame, such as UV-sensitive tube; the other is the flame by a conductive flame be monitored, such as ion monitoring needle. 3: safety devices to reduce the damage in order to reduce the extent of damage to the furnace and flue gas when mixed explosion, coal-fired cold rolled for boiler plates must be installed after Burning gas blast doors, blast doors by area and volume of the furnace flue select and comply with the relevant predetermined, and generally 0.025m2 / m3, explosion-proof doors shall be installed easily explosion venting of the furnace, especially in flue gas flue is difficult to avoid the blind spot, the corner, top nausea and other combustible gases tend to collect stagnant regions are most prone to explosion site.

Recently, the Weifang Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau investigation work for power plant cold rolled for boiler plates, boiler pipes mainly the situation, avoid boiler due to pipeline damage caused by explosion or other accident, serious economic losses and social impacts.

Quality Supervision Bureau adhere to problem-oriented, carefully study and strictly enforce the AQSIQ and the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of the requirements for the range of power plant boiler pipeline design, manufacture, installation, inspection, management and regular inspection of the use of accurate knowledge boiler safety awareness the importance of strengthening the red line awareness, risk awareness and responsibility to play, continue to maintain high pressure, strengthen safety supervision work of the power plant boiler tubes.

Bureau of Quality Supervision focus on checking whether the boiler tubes carry out regular inspections in the construction of power plant boiler accessories combination whether to implement supervisory inspection of manufacturing, installation work unit level meets standard requirements, flow meter housing if there is a security risk, whether the use of units developed power plant boiler tubes emergency plans and emergency rescue exercises, in a timely manner to improve the problems found.

To date, Weifang City inspectors were deployed 257 times, check the power station boiler unit 58, checking in with a number of boiler 193 units, eliminate safety hazards 78.