cotton stack steam boiler for power generation

How to use the boiler detergents? Boiler cleaning principle: the boiler is mainly used alkali detergents and alkaline substance mixed together, the finished product as a white powder. Chemical reaction takes place within the boiler scale and sulfates and silicates, carbonates generated, which enables the detergent sulfate scale is divided by Hardness scale transition to loose the truth. Carbonate scale after the transition is insoluble in water, but will come off the wall in the transition from the down or evacuation becomes crisp, decomposed detergent tannin material is slag, down easily removed manually or mechanically, so as to achieve cleaning purposes.

2, a number of insulation measures to prevent heat loss

Side using fast excellent ultra-thin insulation effect as cotton glass furnace insulation materials, before and after the smoke box of the aluminum plates as a selected temperature insulation material; and the whole was sealed boiler structure, no air leakage, the weld phenomenon is not tight, boiler to reduce heat loss to a great extent.

The Indian customer needed a cotton stack steam boiler for power generation for the food plant, taking into account multiple sources and decided on a 6-ton szs gas steam boiler. The other party said that the boiler room occupied by the natural gas boiler is small in area, and the natural gas is transported by pipeline, which is very convenient to use. In addition, natural gas is a clean energy source that is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. Therefore, the other party is interested in a gas boiler.

Finally, the delegation went into the manufacturing plant, the robot welding expressed strong interest in the robot field operations after watching the situation, I am using for manufacturing more refined variety of highly intelligent boiler equipment expression of praise. Mr. Liu is also the site to watch the robot control platform, careful observation stations located at the edge of the station systems. Side of photography Henan Daily reporter Chen Hui spoke to the tour group members in the field, this robot is currently in the province is a "little red network", has been the provincial media repeatedly reported.