heating surface of steam boiler byworth

One clients left a message online, he wanted to know the price of 6 ton natural gas fired heating surface of steam boiler byworth, one set, Philippines. Then, our sales manager phoned him by the number that he left. Our clients told us that, he works in a beverage factory, and their factory plans to replace the old boiler, which serves for 6 years.

Gas-fired heating surface of steam boiler byworth FAQ (a) boiler for your boiler sorted out 30 common problems and solutions, do not forget to share a small partner after learning finished oh. 1, why the newly installed boiler chemical cleaning and overhaul? Gas steam boiler in the manufacturing, transportation and installation, maintenance, it is inevitable to produce some of the dirt and grease, iron soda inside each pressure component system, slag, iron oxide and other impurities. These impurities but a soda system into operation, the boiler and turbine will cause great harm, so the boiler before officially put into operation after overhaul and new clothes must be chemically cleaned to remove the debris. 2, before starting the boiler water on time and temperature What are the requirements? Why? Water speed before the gas steam boiler should not start too fast, usually in winter no less than 4h, the other seasons 2 ~ 3h, especially in the beginning of the water should be slow. Cold boiler water temperature is generally 50-90 ℃, so that the temperature difference between the feedwater entering the drum drum wall temperature is not more than 40 ℃. Not completely cooled boiler drum water temperature, mutatis mutandis wall temperature, generally the difference should be controlled within 40 ℃, it should slow down or speed water. The reasons are: (1) Since the thick-walled drum, slow expansion, the wall of the tube is connected to the drum wall is thin, expanded rapidly. If the inlet water temperature is too high or too fast, uneven expansion will result in the weld cracking occurs, resulting in damage to the equipment. (2) when the water supply enters the drum, always in contact with the wall half to the drum, when the feed water temperature and drum wall temperature difference is too large, the influent fast speed, upper and lower walls of the drum, the inner and outer wall will produce more a large expansion difference, caused a large drum to additional stress, causing deformation of the drum, 3 severe cracking, low temperature corrosion tail heating surface how is? sulfur in the fuel combustion SO2, SO2 in flue gases generating oxygen binding SO3, when the temperature of the heated surface is below the dew point of the flue gas, the flue gas water vapor and sulfuric acid vapor generating composition SO3 condensation heating surface, resulting in low corrosion of heating surfaces. The air preheater cold end prone to low temperature corrosion. 4, under what circumstances an emergency shutdown? (1) drum level exceeds the limit. (2) All the boiler water level gauge damaged. (3) When superheated steam conduit, reheat steam, the main water supply pipe bursting occurs. (4) again when the rear of the boiler combustion occurs. (5) all the suction blower, air preheater stops running. (6) reheat steam is interrupted. (7) boiler safety valve operating pressure rises to the pressure, and when all the security gate and refused to move. Explosion (8) in the furnace or the flue, so that when the device was heavily damaged. (9) When the boiler fire. (10) fire in the boiler room, directly affect the safety of the boiler operation. (11) blast furnace tube when the drum can not maintain the normal water level. (12) All of the operator stations at the same time a black screen or crash and lose the main parameters when monitoring means. 5, how to wash rinse water level gauge Water Level Indicator There are three processes: Rinse water side:? Open door turn on the water, close the steam side door, side door open water; wash the steam side: open the door turn on the water, close the water side door, side door open steam; soft drinks total impulse: door open drainage, steam side door open, turn on the water side door. After rinsing close the door turn on the water.

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6, the air pressure is insufficient protection

Gas boiler burner operation, if the amount of air in the furnace is insufficient, has been intake will cause the furnace deflagration, very dangerous. Therefore, once the air inside the furnace is insufficient, the burner will automatically enter the protected state.