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Today, the principle of steam boiler and the construction of steam boiler too many forms, take an ordinary fast-packed 4-ton steam boiler. Water is heated into steam in the drum and heat is emitted by fire in the furnace, which is the principle of the steam boiler. Say the boiler first the pot. The boiler is a drum boiler with water cooling. Two return pyrotechnic tubes are arranged in the left and right parts of the drum, and the front cigarette box in the front part of the drum is turned back. Between the drum and the bottom box, there is a drop tube and a water-cooled tube, forming the frame of the combustion chamber. There is a steam separator on the top of the drum to reduce the water produced by steam. The heating surface of the boiler body is the lower part of the drum, the water-cooled pipe and the Pyrotechnic pipe The combustion part is composed of a chain grate and a drive device, and a combustion chamber composed of a boiler rack on the grate frame. Surrounded by refractories. Coal from coal hopper, there are coal gate to control the thickness of coal seam while sealing the front of the air. The lower part of the combustion chamber is the place where the blast enters, and this kind of boiler has great resistance and needs forced blast. Cinder, discharged from the back of the grate through hawk iron and sent out of the furnace by the slag extractor. From the back of the boiler, the flue gas goes forward from the first return pipe of the boiler, the second return pipe returns to the rear part of the boiler, and then goes into the dust collector to separate the ash, and then through the draught fan, it is discharged from the chimney. The induced draft fan not only discharges smoke, but also It is necessary for the negative pressure operation of the boiler. Essential water level gauges, pressure gauges, safety valves, thermometers, electric pumps that can replenish water under pressure, and steam pumps that can also be used in the event of power outages. Boiler water must be softened and water treatment equipment. Steam boilers are force vessels and safety devices are necessary. All steam boilers can work better only in accordance with the correct operating methods.

April 15 --16 days, ASME joint review by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers group assignment, our company ASME quality control system and demonstrate products on-site audit. After a strict and rigorous audit, the joint review team leader (AIS) announced: "fast Boiler Co., Ltd.-site audit by ASME recommendation issued: power boilers (S) and pressure vessel (U) Certification and Seal"

Maintenance and installation instructions boiler environmental protection boiler water clean-up at least once a month: on the furnace grate string of pipes and water pipes at the water cross scale. Always check: valve, pipe, flow is flexible door sheet intact, to prevent clogging, damage should be found to repair and restoration. Cleaning at least once a week, and the boiler flue gas path surface fire, arch wall, Guanfan, pipe tobacco, soot and smoke chamber grime, etc., to keep the heating surface clean, stable heat transfer. When the water heater and heating system is installed, the main line and the last two are not allowed to just valving. Other air bag inlet pipe may be installed at each branch for adjusting the control valve system balance, the smaller is generally the closer the opening degree from the furnace, whereas the more distal opening degree increases. When the valve opening is adjusted to the proper position, not twist, so as not to influence the heating effect. Fill the tank water heaters is open, its role with the expansion tank. Prohibit any valve mounted on the furnace body and connected to the tank conduit. Usually the main pipe heating installation slope i = 0.005. Riser mounted to the vertical, per meter length of not more than 3 mm. A normal heating boiler water temperature should not exceed 85 ℃, such as the temperature exceeds the complement in order to continue running when the tank overflow tube or overflow a large number of air, immediately check the hot water circulation system shutdown has blocked until troubleshooting. When the water level inside the heating supply water should be kept in a glass of water gauge water line visible range, prohibiting see cast coal burning furnace at less than the case of the water level in the water gauge glass, causing the system to prevent water shortages. Boiler installation location should be close to a hot spot closer a distance as possible to reduce heat loss. Piping system may be depending on the use. Water heaters based on the principle of gravity circulating water, due to the small circulating water gravity pressure head, and therefore, the installation must be less than the last group of the furnace heating bag, the vertical distance is generally 0.5-1 meters.

Vertical steam boiler combustion characteristics combustion grate section with double action, heating up, fast boosting of unburnt gas through the secondary combustion, functions as combustion, smoke, dust. Bending the upper furnace tube arrangement convection heating region, disposed in the lower furnace grate tubes and radiation heating furnace area, structure of the furnace and the flue gas flow, reasonable layout, good heat transfer, the boiler reasonable design, simple structure operation, easy maintenance, small footprint, less investment in infrastructure, the company is one of small enterprises with steam, heating and other equipment ideal. Gas steam boiler performance characteristics: 1, the furnace and comparing the old vertical boiler, heating area, rapid boost heating, less coal, high thermal efficiency, can save 25-30% of coal. 2, a furnace with multiple, user-friendly, the furnace can be used for the production of steam steaming canteens, disinfection tableware, bath heating, process steam, heating and the like locally heating the room. 3, the furnace with natural ventilation, induced draft fan and the blower does not need, no noise. 4, compact structure, installation, operation, easy maintenance, may be integrally handling, suitable flowability units. 5, heated with steam bath, food, heating, steaming, etc., pressure gauge scale strictly controlled within the design pressure, working pressure at any time shall not exceed the operating pressure. The scope of the steam boiler Application: can be used in textile, printing and dyeing, paper, food, rubber, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, iron and steel, metallurgy and other industrial products machining process required steam, and for enterprises, institutions, hotels, schools, restaurants, service industries such as heating, bath, air conditioning and hot water. Pledge: Since the equipment installation qualification pressure parts warranty 3 years, 12 months, auxiliary and lifetime maintenance, warranty period free of charge warranty for non-human failure (various defects caused by faulty equipment itself) of the Company, the replacement of damaged parts, the warranty period or man-made damage, is still responsible for maintenance and guidance equipment, for repair, replacement parts only fees. Quality assurance after the expiry responsible for maintenance of life.