information for high pressure boiler

Pressure hot water information for high pressure boiler is usually set at the top of the atmosphere through a port, the internal pressure and external pressure to maintain a balance, high safety factor, little explosion or other accident occurs suddenly, often used in residential or office buildings or provide domestic water and heating.

Boiler thermal efficiency is an important goal to clarify the economic function of the information for high pressure boiler. High thermal efficiency clarifies that the boiler is economically high, and wasted fuel reduces the power consumption.

Upgrading an 80% efficient information for high pressure boiler to our 96% efficient WNS and SZS boiler or 94-95% efficient gas boiler can provide about a 15-20% savings in energy costs. This can equal one or more months of heating fuel costs for every year of the boiler’s operation.

Jinzhou construction and installation company needs an electric heating hot water information for high pressure boiler house construction, after screening and comparison of various brand boiler industry, our excellent results in the cleaning of the boiler industry has been attracted to each other, in mid-2016, the Jinzhou construction and installation the company I signed with an electric heating pressure hot water boiler.