maintenance and boiler repair

How to select the right steam maintenance and boiler repair? The newly established company will initially invest a lot of money to buy a steam boiler, often to buy what kind of steam boilers and worry in the case of funds not worry. So we simply talk about the issue to buy a steam boiler must be noted. The first item to note is rated evaporation, evaporation rated companies choose how much of their own business should be based on demand. For example, small companies need a large amount of steam was selected Rated evaporation of steam boilers, steam produced simply used up, it can only be a waste of money. For a lot of steam, but choose a small amount of evaporation of the boiler, the steam for less than the final result, it can only be used to add a new boiler or boiler, the final cost so much better than a place to directly select the appropriate high boiler. The second parameter is the thermal efficiency, a good addition to the rated boiler evaporation also need to have a large amount of high thermal efficiency, many companies chose to pursue cheap inefficient boilers will be very affordable in the short term, but over time will find efficiency low fuel consumption is also high boilers, steam production unit of fuel is very low, so that over time will be very loss. The third parameter is the rated steam pressure, not to say that as long as the boiler to produce steam on the line, with the steam vapor is still a difference, every business has a standard steam of each enterprise. Take the power plant, the steam turbine power plants require much pressure steam are all required, if the pressure is too high can damage the steam turbine plant, if the pressure is too low may not move at all with a steam turbine. Therefore, the appropriate choice of rated steam pressure is very important. The fourth parameter is the nominal steam temperature, steam pressure and rated Similarly, the selection of nominal steam temperature of the steam boiler must be based on the needs of steam equipment, steam equipment How high temperature steam, the steam boiler should choose appropriate rated steam temperature.

Methods and characteristics of steam maintenance and boiler repair water treatment

The steam boiler water treatment method has the boiler outside and the furnace also called the pot inside and outside the pot. Generally, for steam boilers and steam-steam boilers larger than 2t/h, the chemical water treatment outside the furnace should be adopted as far as possible, on the other hand, the steam boiler can only be treated with medicine in the furnace, but other means should be adopted to ensure the quality of water quality.

Steam maintenance and boiler repair heat unevenly What are the chances of the performance of steam boilers used in modern industry is one of the largest boiler equipment, the most widely used and most commonly used. Principles of steam boiler is to heat the water heated to a high temperature steam, supplied to provide efficient power production. Here we will introduce some basic information about the steam boiler. Steam boiler evaporator heating surface is made of parallel tubes. Wherein the individual tubes circle working fluid enthalpy increases with increase of the overall average deviation called thermal enthalpy. Steam boiler thermal deviation is mainly due to the heat absorption of the boiler and uneven flow caused by uneven. The following is to introduce the causes uneven: 1, endothermic steam boiler uneven. Closely related to the arrangement, embodiment and put into operation the kind of the endothermic fuel burner and the cause of uneven, non-uniform furnace temperature distribution of the thermal load will not cause the strength of the furnace water wall of each. In general, when the same kind of fuel, the thermal load than a slagging furnace slagging solid uneven distribution is much greater. Unevenness fuel burner heat load is larger than the coal-fired furnace, a vertical tube panel thermal excursions around the horizontal tube panel heat than large deviation. DC uneven endothermic steam boiler with natural circulation steam boiler heat absorbing unevenness different characteristics. Natural circulation steam boiler having a heat compensation characteristics, can play a major role in reducing thermal excursions, DC evaporated steam boiler heating surfaces, for absorbing more heat pipes, since the amount of steam generated in the multi-tube, larger capacity, that the resistance increases, so that the flow rate of the steam pipe may be reduced. Conversely, a weak flow of heat pipe has actually increased. Therefore, the evaporator heating surface DC endothermic steam boiler not only cause a uniform thermal excursions, but also expanded by heat influence on the deviation of the flow rate uniform. 2, non-uniform flow of steam boilers. Different evaporator heating surface pressure variation parallel flow resistance of each tube and along the length of the distribution header, and re-position the head can be different between the respective tubes to cause uneven flow. ① variation on the thermal flow resistance. Since the structure of the steam pipe, the quality, of different length, diameter, roughness and curvature, which are not the same resistance to flow, under the same pressure conditions, the size of the resistance will cause uneven flow. ② affect the re-heat the ram position deviation. In the vertical tube panel rises, since the height of the tube panel is relatively large, when the respective tubes parallel uneven heating, the density is much poor, and thus to re-consider the impact of ram position. When high thermal load of individual tubes, the tube flow rate decreases. However, due to the mass density of the working tube is reduced, the head is lowered bit weight, will lead to increased traffic. Thus, re-location helps to reduce the thermal head deviation.

Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province will continue to promote Blue Sky Battle Action Plan to increase emissions control work, it intends to phase out coal-fired maintenance and boiler repairs 1201 Taiwan, in accordance with national and provincial requirements, with the distribution area are classified Shi policy. Wherein the phase-out Zone has 9 to 42 tons of steam coal-fired heating boilers 10-35; 18 out of 35 tons of steam table (or a 29 MW) "peaking" heating boiler; built-up area outside the urban area out 10 tons of steam coal 1141 boiler units. Founded out of municipal coal-fired boilers special rectification work to promote the group, environment, housing construction, Industry and Information Department, respectively, to take charge of commercial, heating, industrial three "theater" phase-out of coal-fired boilers. District, county (city) government as the responsible body, one by one out of the implementation of the responsibility to determine the transformation of the way, to promote the phase-out. Gas companies, power companies and projects ahead of docking units, to protect gas, electricity supply and project construction. Planning, construction, urban management, public security and traffic control and other departments to provide maximum support and protection for countersigned examination and approval. Not included in the scope of elimination with 65 tons of steam coal-fired boilers, Harbin through online monitoring, supervision and monitoring, enterprise self-monitoring and "double random a public" supervision and inspection and other means to strengthen supervision, and urge enterprises to strictly enforce existing emission standards for excessive emissions will be punished according to law.