nafflet boiler water treatment

We learned from Anshan City Bureau of the ecological environment: to improve air quality living environment for urban residents, according to government requirements, Anshan external publicity of the built-up areas and industrial parks and a list of more than 10 tons of coal-fired nafflet boiler water treatments, municipal environmental protection department also welcome all citizens supervision, to provide the city's built-up areas and 10 tons and above boiler clues industrial park outside the list.

Battle to lay the blue sky, the city has in recent years embarked on a built-up area and the city's industrial park and 10 tons of coal-fired boilers out of work, the city built-up areas and industrial parks and 10 tons of coal-fired boilers demolition of all the reservation coal-fired boilers to achieve discharge standards. As requested, before the end of 2020 in the city of Anshan City will be built-up areas and industrial parks all phase-out over 10-20 tons coal-fired boilers, coal-fired boiler units involved should be prepared in advance.

To further enhance the quality of atmospheric environment, promote environmental management to raise the overall level, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial government, the city of the city within built-up areas and industrial parks and more than 10 tons of coal-fired boilers information for publicity. These publicity boiler will be included in the list of key sewage units, strict supervision, to ensure the discharge standards.

What are the advantages of low nitrogen condensation condensed low-nitrogen is widely used in major civil and commercial establishments, such as used in civilian duplex villas and commercial hotels. Its operation is easy, using plc controller, configure a higher level, you only need a touch-screen buttons to control the entire operation of the nafflet boiler water treatment, the boiler used after the liberation of the human species, can also reduce the cost of human custody. So the condensate low nitrogen What are the advantages of it? 1. The first long life and good weather resistance (excellent antifreeze properties) condensing low nitrogen may be used in various environments, in the northern region may be accessible applications. It has frost protection function, when the water in the boiler is lower than the set value, automatic operation of the heating, the temperature to be agreed with the water automatically stops match, it is possible to protect the device itself and its auxiliary equipment. 2. good corrosion resistance not only design the structure of science, the system of operational excellence, both to prevent low temperature, corrosion, also avoid cold shock tube wall of the furnace, so it's durability, service life is longer. The second use of security (over-temperature, water alarm) this has been designed to consider safety issues, set up multiple security mark. It has over-temperature alarm, i.e., water will automatically stop when the ultra-high heat, and performs over-temperature alarm, until the fault can be completely released only need to manually reset; also has water protection, can automatically shut down when water is and the alarm, preventing dry. The third high thermal efficiency (energy sufficient, good energy) such domestic professional larger heating surface, its high heat transfer efficiency, maximize the heat transfer enhancement effect. Moreover, the good outer protective layer useful effect, to ensure a constant temperature glass wool, to prevent a large number of relatively small radiating its heat loss, can make full use of energy, energy efficient. These are the advantages of low nitrogen condensation. In summary, good safety performance of this type of boiler, high thermal efficiency, able to adapt to the security needs of practical work to ensure safe and efficient in operation at. Strong its user-friendly design, digital control system prevents human error, reduces operational input costs, overall cost is high.

The Indian customer needed a steam nafflet boiler water treatment for the food plant, taking into account multiple sources and decided on a 6-ton szs gas steam boiler. The other party said that the boiler room occupied by the natural gas boiler is small in area, and the natural gas is transported by pipeline, which is very convenient to use. In addition, natural gas is a clean energy source that is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. Therefore, the other party is interested in a gas boiler.

Fangkuai nafflet boiler water treatment quality management procedures inspection: (1) strictly follow the three (according to standards, according to drawings, according to technology and technical documents) inspection, inspection according to three inspection (self-check, mutual inspection, special inspection), to ensure that the three non-(non-conforming materials are not put into production, If the unqualified workpieces are not transferred to the next procedure, and the unqualified products are not put into the storage). (2) the next working procedure shall not be transferred to the next procedure for the non-qualified products, and the next working procedure shall not be carried over to the next procedure. The next procedure shall have the right to refuse acceptance. (3) the process inspection shall be subject to the first inspection, the circuit inspection and the completion inspection. (4) sampling and full inspection: 1 the key process must pass the production worker self-examination. After passing the test, the inspection personnel shall be handed over to the inspectors for full inspection, and the detailed inspection records shall be made. 2 the production operators in the main processes shall submit themselves to the inspection personnel for special examination after they have passed the examination, and the inspection personnel shall carry out random inspection or full inspection according to the requirements of the technical documents, 3 the production operator of the general procedure shall pass the test and submit it to the inspection personnel for inspection, and the inspectors may carry out the sampling inspection according to the requirements of the technical documents. 4 materials, welding, and welding shall be carried out according to the requirements of the technical documents. Non-destructive testing and other procedures must comply with the relevant provisions of this Manual and the requirements of the quality Management system. 5 parts or semi-finished products transferred to other workshops, the inspector signed on the job transfer form. (6) according to the eight key stop points H of the control point list of the container manufacturing quality plan, each responsible engineer must come to the inspection and carry out the control work on the spot.