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A comprehensive national response to reduce air pollution, gradually increasing the intensity of environmental protection policies in recent years, Inner Mongolia has been committed Bayannaoer ban small coal-fired boilers to reduce environmental pollution and improve urban air quality of the environment. According to government-led, departmental interaction of the implementation of the principles, date, a total of 295 units Bayannao'er 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and all removed, and replace the use of cleaner natural gas, biomass as a boiler fuel, which after the boiler put into use, it can function properly, the monitoring indicators in line with "boiler air pollutant emission standards."

A total ban on coal-fired boilers is an important measure to improve the quality of atmospheric environment, after Bayannao'er implementation of the "Action Blue Sky" program, in accordance with the chimney fell to the ground, boilers shift, clear standards of raw materials, since 2013, the city's 10 tons of steam All of the following coal-fired boilers complete ban eliminated, replaced by natural gas, biomass, air and other clean energy. For natural gas pipeline network built-up area is not covered within the scope of the coal-fired boilers, an alternative implementation of electrical, solar air heat sources such as comprehensive transformation.

Boiler how some of the more important questions to answer? Diesel boiler fuel its operating costs are relatively high, so, whether you can use methanol instead of diesel fuel it? For bathing boiler, which can save energy fuel use for this purpose? And a circulating fluidized bed boiler air distribution plate, what role? These three questions about the boiler, below, will soon give its answer correspondence, so that we have a thorough understanding and correct understanding. 1. The cost of diesel fuel to run the boiler is relatively high, so, whether you can use methanol instead? In this case, but if the price up to consider, it is possible, because methanol prices to be lower. However, the low calorific value. So, if considering the case, then it is possible that the fuel cost, higher than diesel. Therefore, this problem can not give the exact answer. 2. bathing boiler, which can save energy fuel use for this purpose? Bath boiler fuel used, in addition to considering energy efficiency in this regard, but also take into account environmental protection in this regard. Because, although the use of coal, the price is not high, but because it will pollute the environment, therefore, not recommended, recommended a number of clean energy, the better.

How to operate a natural gas boiler, the preparatory work before starting: 1. Check gas pressure is normal, pipeline valve leaks, valve switch is in place. 2, the test gas reliable alarm system is working properly, the fan can start pressing the test button 3, the system checks whether the normal demineralised water, to ensure that the water softener is operating, the normal water tank. 4, check the boiler, the switching valve is normal decontamination. 5, 6 deaerator normal operation, water softening equipment can operate normally. Demineralized water should meet the standard GB / 576, the normal water level inside the water softener, water pump trouble-free operation. Second, the boot 1, the total power of the switch cabinet, check all parts are normal, whether there is a fault signal. If no signal should take appropriate measures to check or repair, troubleshooting. 2, into the automatic cleaning burner ignition, partial load, full load operating state. 3, when up to a certain pressure, should be regularly sewage once, and check the water level in the furnace. Third, the operation of the inspections: 1, the boiler power is turned on, the monitoring operation of the boiler normal ignition, flame status check, check the operation member without abnormal noise. 2, patrol boiler heating conditions, the size of the converted fire control situation is normal. 3, inspection of gas pressure is normal and stable, the natural gas flow rate is within the normal range, to determine whether the filter is clogged. 4, patrol pump pressure is normal, any abnormal sound. Fourth, the accident shutdown 1, when found in the boiler body to produce abnormal phenomenon, the safety control device failure, emergency disconnect button should move to stop the boiler operation. 2, boiler feed water pump damage, mediation device failure, should move emergency disconnect button to stop the boiler operation. 3, when power problems should take fuels pressing the emergency disconnect button. 4, when a boiler or jeopardize the safety of the phenomenon should take urgent measures to shutdown five temporary power outages Note 1, quickly turn off the main steam valve to prevent dehydration drum 2, turn off the power switch and the gas valve 3, shut down the boiler continuous blowdown valve to prevent the presence of other failures boiler 4, oxygen gas in addition to closing the valve 5, the normal shutdown sequence, checking boiler fuel, gas, water shutdown valve meets the requirements VI Notes 1 insufficient gas, fast scheduling and gas get in touch, ask why clear the accident, and take feasible measures 2, 3 report to the higher authorities and leader, always observe the combustion flame is normal wheat yellow

Xiao Bian told you about structural design of electric steam boiler structural design of electric steam boilers below Henan fast Boiler Company. Electric steam boiler uses electricity to generate steam boiler, the thermal energy generated steam can not only into mechanical working fluid energy generating power, heat can be used as industrial production and heating, ventilation, etc. required, electrical, mechanical, metallurgical, paper and Food Industry. 1, electric steam boiler open architecture design, single-heating systems running open, external water pump water tank. Popular talk is old-fashioned coal-fired boilers soil, users need to install their own circulating pump and supply water bucket. Generally applicable to rural areas, can not provide 24-hour water supply, the water pressure can not reach or 1-2 atmospheres. 2, built-in electric steam boiler pump design: self-venting excess pressure relief combined waterway, open a single heating system running, external tank. Popular talk is the machine itself with circulation pump, the user as long as they pay plus single bucket on it. Generally applicable to rural, urban, do not want to pump mounted on the outside, the more beautiful, which will help pay. 3, sealed electric steam boiler design, built-in large volume expansion tank, shielded silent pump, a mechanical pressure gauge, excess pressure relief combined exhaust from water, anti-overpressure protection system. Closed Operation single heating system, heating water circulating completely isolated from the atmosphere, volatilization reduce heat, reduce energy consumption and prolong life. This is the easiest to install, users only need to connect to the water, the pressure will be 1-2. With the majority of general building renovation, wall-mounted electric steam boilers can be installed in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, to facilitate easy. The traditional coal-fired boiler heating mode gradually become past tense, electric steam boiler is a new highly efficient, non-polluting and cleaner-burning boiler. In the energy conservation and environmental protection of the environment, electric steam boilers will be more and more attention.